What is Spike Seasoning and Why You will Love it

Who doesn’t love sumptuous dishes? We all do, especially when the cooking is the fruit of labor of love. Even those who have little to no skills in cooking want their meals tasting like they were made by an award-winning chef. You can’t blame anyone; we all have some sort of a chef somewhere in our hearts. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for anything that could improve our cooking. Fortunately, spike seasoning has been a lifesaver to a lot of people and it could be yours. Just you know; Meghan Markle has this as her go-to seasoning.  

But what is spike seasoning? What does it contain? Can it really change my dishes for better? You are about to find out because this post is going to answer all your questions. Once this is over, you will be declaring your love for this seasoning. But that is your call to make after reading through this.

Let’s start, shall we?

Spike Seasoning: What Is It?

There are seasonings, and then there is spike. We are not just looking at your average spice. Spike has a forever spot in the seasoning hall of fame. Why? It contains 39 ingredients! Nothing comes close to that in the spice and seasoning arena. And for MSG fans, it does not contain any of it. You are free to add to your recipe. About the 39 ingredients, it is a secret that we are yet to uncover. However, be sure this is the spike revolution you may have been looking for.

The Spike Memory Down the Lane

Veggies for Spike Seasoning
Vegetables are Good for Spike Seasoning

Spike is the creation of a nutritionist, Gayelord Hauser and has been on kitchen cabinets for more than 50 years now. Obviously, it is not anything new to a lot of people but still winning new entrants left, right and center. You should also know that Hauser also has a book under his belt: Look Young, Live Longer published in the 1950s. So, spike is coming from a good place that believes in healthy life all the time.

One good thing about this seasoning is that it has no boundaries. It is all over any cooking. You will find it in veggies, avocado toasts, salads, poultry, and pretty anything that cares for a great taste. Somehow, it qualifies the tag of Everything Bagel Seasoning because what it touches turns to the golden of tastes.

The seasoning comes in 10 different varieties, but there is the original mix. It is the one that contains 39 ingredients ranging from herbs, salt, vegetables and spices. It makes sense to start your spike journey with the original strain and you can count on your meals to take a turn for delicacy.

Where and How Do You Use Spike Seasoning?

The good thing about spike is it is a fit-all seasoning. As long you know how to give your dishes a twist of flavor, the seasoning is at your service. And if you are trying to run away from having to stock all manner of spices for different recipes, it may be the end of the road for all that.

Let’s take a look where spike works best and explodes your taste buds by striking the right palate notes


I know I’m not alone trying to eat my daily quarter of veggies. A lot of other people struggle as well. But that changed for me when I found spike or rather when we rain into each other. The flavor on my veggies is like coming from a different plane. It is a good balance of nutrition and flavor. I never knew veggies could be such a darling to me and all thanks to a seasoning I just stumbled upon. Give your veggies the spike and everyone in your household will magically get their appetite up for the greens.


Even with salt and pepper, your steak would be perfect. But do you need more than perfect? If yes, spike is the secret- not really because I’m sharing it out here. Whatever taste you get is beyond what mere word can explain.


For the longest time, poultry seasoning and its substitutes have been doing the trick on my turkey and chicken. Nevertheless, I could feel some taste gaps. Then enters spike and the story changes for good. Never before has my poultry dishes tasted better.

Soups and Stews

With a pinch of salt, I can take down one or two bowls of soup. However, a little addition of spike to my soup, chowder or stew takes my appetite up by several notches. Try it and you will see how family and friends will begin to crave for soups. If anyone has been cheating by not drinking all their soup, they are going to take it to the last drop and ask for more.


Grilled Fish with Spike Seasoning
Spike Seasoning on Grilled Fish

I take fish in its many forms. After poultry dishes, I think fish is the next thing that I can eat all week and still want more the next week. It’s not all down to my cooking prowess- believe me I got game in the kitchen- but I think spike is doing the heavy lifting for me. Throw a dash of it on your fish and you will thank your luck for landing you here.


What is there not to love about spike seasoning? I’m yet to see anyone who has tried it and gone back to their regular seasoning. Once you go down this path, you do not come back the same. After all, it is a good thing to those who still struggle to make delicious dishes. All you need is the magic of the seasoning and you will earn the respect of family and those who often visit your house. It has been a thrilling cooking journey since discovering this seasoning and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I hope the feeling is mutual. If not, we also have a lot of spices in our ranks. We have it all figured out for your cooking. Stay here and see your cooking game get better each day.

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