Substitute For Egg Noodles

Substitute For Egg Noodles

Egg noodles are precisely what it says. Noodles with eggs are used as one of the ingredients. Eggs are one ingredient that makes the noodles more nutritious and gives the noodles a rich and creamy feel when cooked. That is why egg noodles are preferred in many recipes over simple noodles. Also, from a nutrition perspective, they add a lot of proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients that will otherwise be missing in ordinary noodles.

However, there may be times when you cannot locate or use egg noodles for whatever reason. We are not going to bother with the grounds; we will give you friendly options as substitutes. In addition, you can also use substitutes to provide a slightly different flavor and taste profile to the usual recipe. So there you go. Now let us have a quick look at all the possible substitutes.

The Substitute For Egg Noodles
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Fettuccine as Substitute for Egg Noodles

Fettuccine is one of the most popular substitutes for egg noodles. These noodles are known for their characteristic thin and long structure. Despite this, the noodle is, in fact, flat and slightly slimy in texture. This particular noodle is made from, of course, wheat flour which is made into a dough. This dough is later rolled into smaller parts and into long thin strips to make the Fettuccine. As the taste and texture profile match closely with egg noodles, this is our top choice today.


At first glance, you would be left wondering why we are using a Fettuccine again. Linguine closely resembles Fettuccine in shape and structure. Just that Fettuccine is flatter than Linguine. The strands in linguine are longer, and the texture is soft, almost tender. This gives a slimy and fragile texture that goes very well, especially with meat-based preparations.

Ribbon pasta

Ribbon pasta is nothing but pasta that is rolled out in flat strands. This is the basic structure, but it can be found in several different thicknesses, shapes, and sizes. So do keep that in mind. Ribbon pasta is typically available in dried form and a new form. Both have their unique uses. While the dried ones can be used with sauces to make a thick and rich preparation, the fresh ones can be paired well with delicate spices. The pasta is soft and tender, which makes it an ideal replacement. Even the taste and flavor profile match closely with egg noodles.

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We cant to talk of replacing the taste and texture-rich egg noodles without considering lasagne. If your dish needs something extra rich in flavor and thickness, look no further than the lasagne. Lasagne is ultimate in taste because it combines the exquisite taste of noodles with cheese. The lasagne cannot be classified as a noodle because it’s pretty broader and longer than the traditional noodle and looks quite different. However, it is an excellent match for making the preparation rich and flavorful.

Spaghetti as a Substitute for Egg Noodles

Spaghetti is an unlikely entry to the list of substitutes because its strands are thinner than the egg noodles and even the pasta substitutes we shared. But this light structure makes the strips soft and tender, precisely what we need. The taste flavor of spaghetti may seem bland compared to egg noodles, but what it loses out in the taste, it matches up in the soft structure. That’s why it’s a great replacement.

We have given you the most practical and readily available substitutes for egg noodles. You can select any one of them as per your needs and preferences. Each has its benefits. Our first choice would always be lasagne. I hope the information in the article helped you: cheers and happy cooking.

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