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The basic ingredients of Roman Nougat are chocolate and almonds. Its consistency is soft, and it was already known in Roman times. Russell Stover created a delicious cherry-flavored nougat containing almonds and covered with dark chocolate called Roman Nougat. It’s a combination of flavors and colors with a soft and smooth consistency that appeals to chocolate lovers.

Where The Name Came From? 

It is interesting to establish the origin of the word nougat. Etymologically, “Nougat” comes from the Latin “nux gatum” which means nut cake. The arrival of nougat to Western Europe is linked with ancient Byzantium during the Roman Empire. This justifies its name: Roman Nougat. Nougat spread throughout the Mediterranean area via Marsala (today Marseille) in the south of France.

As we have already noted, the origin of Roman Nougat seems to go back to the Romans. There is evidence of it in the writings of the Roman epicurean Apicius from the 1st century AD. The old cookbook De Re Coquinaria from the 4th century AD, drawing on these writings, describes a custard containing honey, nuts, and eggs. Other evidence points to its origin in the Arab people. They have traditionally cultivated various types of nuts and have used honey and sugar for centuries. Most Middle Eastern recipes for their nougat use nuts and honey but exclude eggs.

Several countries claim to have created it, among them: Italy, France, Spain, and the Middle East. But the real origin of the nougat isn’t clear because of this. What is certain is that there are variations in taste and presentation.

Is The Chocolate Roman Nougat Hard Or Soft?

As we have seen, nougat is sweet and includes honey, eggs, almonds, or hazelnuts. Its consistency can be soft, chewy, brittle, or dense.

The difference is due to the ingredients, the quantity used and the cooking time, its variety of delights demanding palates, and different tastes. The soft nougat mixture is prepared with toasted and ground almonds mixed with honey. Its color is light brown. While a combination of honey, sugar, egg white, and almonds achieve a stiff consistency. Its color is white.

As we see, both hard and soft nougat contains the same ingredients. The only difference is in the mixture. The mixture for soft nougat is a fine and smooth mass.

The consistency of our Roman Nougat is soft on the inside and firm on the outside. It’s a truly sublime combination when you pop one in your mouth.

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Chocolate For Any Season Of The Year

Nougats usually accompany our Christmas parties in their different flavors and ingredients. But the truth is, that especially Russell Stover Roman Nougat is welcome to our tables in any season of the year. It is ideal to accompany breakfasts and snacks. There is no excuse not to take it home and taste it at the best of times if you find them in the markets. Accompanied or alone, a chocolate Roman Nougat is always welcome as a purchase for ourselves or for a delicate gift.

Varieties Of Nougat In The World

In the world, there are many versions of nougat to please different tastes. Let’s see some of them below.

  • Torrone Cremona or Nougat from Italy. Its origin is related to aristocratic weddings in the 15th century in Lombardy. It does not contain sugar but honey.
  • Montélimar nougat is from France. The region of Provence is the place where it came from in the 16th century. There are two types of Montélimar nougat. The traditional crunchy black nougat is made without eggs and the soft white nougat such as the famous Montélimar nougat is made with lavender honey, almonds, and pistachios.
  • Alicante nougat from Spain is linked to the Arabs. However, it’s been made in Jijona for more than 500 years. It’s made with toasted almonds (Marcona almonds), pure honey (orange blossom or rosemary honey), sugar, and egg whites, with a creamy white color and a hard, crunchy texture.
  • Jijona nougat, also from Spain, is produced by grinding and heating Alicante nougat to achieve a smooth paste and a similar golden brown color.
  • Gaz candy or Iranian nougat (Persian). Gaz (گز) is the Persian nougat from Esfahan located on the central plateau of the country. And, it gets its name because of the gaz-angebin which is a native desert plant. This plant is a sweetener. Its ingredients also include pistachios or almonds, rose water, and egg whites.

In front of these types of nougat, we find Roman Nougat, an exquisite sweet by Russell Stover. The delicate cherry flavor filled with almonds and covered with rich chocolate is an invitation to pleasure. Although there are thousands of delicious versions of chocolate Roman Nougat, none can match this combination of flavors that complement each other to create a delightful and smooth texture.

Roman Nougat: A Treat With Built-in Vitamins

We could not miss this information regarding the vitamins in a nougat, regardless of the type we consume. Each nougat has 500 calories per 100 grams. In contrast to this, it has vitamin E, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and folic acid. It is rich in proteins, mineral salts, and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Why Should We Prefer Russell Stover’s Chocolate Roman Nougat?

Russell Stover’s chocolate Roman Nougat satisfy our needs and tastes from a small production that ensures the nougat remains fresh and does not lose its flavor. With its beautiful collections, we can surprise ourselves or please others with precious gifts.

When it comes to Roman Nougat with no sugar, its rich taste is maintained, along with an impressive variety and exquisite consistency. Chocolate Roman Nougat is here to stay. Just like Russell Stover, who has been with us since 1923, making dark and milk chocolate candies as well as hard candies and chewy candies. Their hallmark is quality and catering to diverse tastes. Nearly a century has passed, and its presence is imposing. Roman Nougat chocolate is one of its most captivating candies.

In Conclusion

I hope this article will help you know more about Roman Nougat. Roman Nougat is always the best choice for those who love chocolate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave feedback at email: jillian.cookingatnoon@gmail.com.

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