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Do you feel like eating Vietnamese food? You are probably searching online for a Pho place near me. Or are you search for the best pho food near me? Whatever you type on your browser, you sure could use some help finding the best Pho place near you. Luckily, you are in the right place at the right time. We are going to tell you where you can enjoy your Pho like Vietnamese. Moreover, we tell you everything you need to know about Pho from history to how to eat like a pro.

Beef Pho
A Bowl of Beef Pho

What is Pho?

The first thing you should know about Pho is its pronunciation. It’s ‘fuh’. So make sure you are saying the right thing. It is a Vietnamese soup made from a variety of ingredients, including sliced beef, Bahn Pho noodles, or beef bones. Typically, it comes alongside fresh herbs, such as bean sprouts.

There are several variations of Pho, depending on the origin. One is a blend from Southern Vietnam and another from Northern Vietnam. Besides, there is a Japanese variety. Unlike the Vietnamese varieties, which are majorly made from rice noodles, the Japanese Pho is made from wheat flour.

A Brief History About Pho

It’s always good to know the history behind the food you enjoy. Therefore, it would give you some bragging right to order Pho knowing where and how it came about.

Hanoi and Nam Dinh regions of Vietnam are believed to be where it all began. Most of the influence came from French colonialists. Pho sounds very close to ‘Feu,’ which is French for fire as noticeable in pot au feu.

The original version is Pho bac. Beef bones were boiled for days before the dish was ready. There was a lot of emphasis on the thickness of the soup. It was served to accompany rice noodles and thinly cut pieces of meat.

Later, a lot of Vietnamese moved to the south to escape the oppressing rule of the communist north. It was right after World War II. In the south, a new version of the soup was created: Pho Nam. The new soup used spices, herbs, and was extremely garnished. It became the household soup for the south and is still a big thing in the south and across the world. When native Vietnamese fled the country after the Fall of Saigon, they brought with them Pho Nam. The soup is now a world hit and has been integrated into many cuisines across the globe.

Pho Variations

Ordinarily, beef is the staple ingredient for Pho. However, not everyone is a fan of beef. Are you one of them? Don’t worry because there are several variations you can try. You can try Pho Chay (Vegetarian Pho) or Pho ga (chicken pho).

Most importantly, remember that not all Vietnamese soups qualify to be Pho. For instance, Hue Tieu is a blend of seafood and pork noodles and a very common delicacy south of Vietnam. Likewise, Bun Bo Hue has a pork broth base with rice noodles and is a popular treat in central Vietnam. These soups may be close to Pho, but their flavor is different. Besides, they are not commonly served with banh Pho noodles.

Pho Ga
Bowl of Pho Ga

How to Eat Pho Like a Native

Pho bo, otherwise known as beef pho, is the main variation. Its serving comes with rice noodles, a bowl of broth, and raw beef cut into very small slices. In some instances, you get garnishes such as basil, chilies, radishes, cilantro, and lime served separately. Also, it is common for Pho restaurants to bring a score of condiments such as chili paste, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and much more. You should know that there is a twist to every Pho serving. You can play around with the ingredients to find your favorite flavor. For starters, we feel that raw meat would be great for the broth. But that is us, be free to try anything.

How I Eat My Pho

Let me explain how I eat my Pho, noting that I’m right-handed. When the bowl comes to my table, I hold the plastic chopsticks in my right hand, and the spoon goes to my left. I start by taking a small sip of the broth while at the same time stirring the noodles with the chopsticks.

Do not be afraid of sticking your whole face into the ball as you take huge slurps. It is the way you are supposed to do it. You are in an excellent position to feel the aromatics close to your nose while making sure no messy splatters. The noodles will disappear first. And once they do, hold the bowl to your lips and take the last of the broth drop. No shame in taking your Pho to the last sip. It is the way it should be done. After this, you will be happy like a kid who has just had a big bowl full of apple jacks. 

How to Make Your Perfect Meat Pho at Home

If you are a cooking freak like us, then you want to make your Pho at home. Fortunately, we have it all just for you. Visit our Pho recipes and see what you can make out of them. We have every angle covered, and your Pho is going to turn out great.

Wrap Up

Now, you have your answer to the best Pho place near me and some recipes to make your Pho at home. Besides, you know the various variations and the history behind this legendary Vietnamese soup. It is your turn to get out and enjoy Pho with friends at a place nearby. Don’t forget to tell us about your Pho experience.

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