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We all live in a highly health-conscious world today. A world where diet, exercise, lifestyle, and wellness are prime to the society we live in. In the past 50 years, mankind and the health of humans have undergone numerous changes. We have gone from a healthy, all-natural diet to unhealthy fast foods. And finally to processed foods where everything around us is processed to some degree or the other. So doctors, food scientists, and health professionals understood that slowly and gradually. Everyone moved from an all-natural to an all-processed food lifestyle, where even though something is processed and made to be healthy, it may not be so.

Therefore, they devised ways and means to somehow integrate and incorporate a healthy lifestyle and food habits to get people to track on health and the nutrition they were missing all along. One of the key movements that took off in this period was the Vegan movement, where people went of the meat and dairy products to lead a healthier lifestyle. And a key product used in the vegan diet was raw juicing. This was introduced to complement the healthy lifestyle and provide quick alternatives to the salads and natural recipes.

Furthermore, juicing enabled people to quickly juice up a concoction of the best and freshest vegetables in just a matter of minutes and gulp them down even faster. This released a vital dose of essential nutrients in the body with the least amount of effort. In the process, juicing has enabled people to get rid of several ailments and improve their lifestyle. 

A key component of the juicing process is the blender which does all the magic for you. And today, we will introduce one for you. 

The Nutribullet Rx

For several years, Nutribullet has been a well-known name for kitchen appliances for their quality of build, their performance, and ability to deliver what they promise. Nevertheless, Nutribullet has many popular models even in the blender series, each with its own specifications and use. In the entire Nutribullet blender range, Rx is the most powerful and also most versatile product. It is not just meant to efficiently process cold foods and juices but also process hot foods like soups and sauces, which was not the case in earlier models. Let’s study the product and understand how it performs. 

nutribullet rx
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The specifications, design, and features


The Nutribullet Rx comes with a powerful 2.3 HP and 1700-watt motor that will produce silky smooth smoothies for you. Compared to its predecessor, the Pro 900, it’s almost a 100% increase in power. You can imagine what so much power can do, especially when even the Pro 900 is a good blender. This blender will literally make pulp out of seeds, stalks, skins, and more. And that’s exactly what we meant when we said silky smooth smoothies.


The product dimensions are 15 x 14.8 x 12.7 inches and weigh 15.95 pounds, making it a little bulky in size. It is available in Black and silver base, clear cups with black lids and handles. It also features a blade tightening tool that will tighten or loosen the blades as and when necessary.


The Nutribullet RX is covered under warranty for a period of one year, and the box comes packed with the following:

  • 1 Nos. – 30oz Single-Walled Cup
  • 1 Nos. – 45oz Single-Walled Cup
  • 1-liter Blending Pitcher – 1 Nos.
  • 1 Nos. – set of Blades
  • 1 Nos. – Blade Remover
  • 2.3 HP, 1700watt Power Base

Nutribullet RX – How to use the product? 

  1. Insert all the ingredients into one of the cups, close the blade lid tight. You have one extractor blade but three cups to choose from. 
  2. Place the cup into the power base unit, and the hands-free Smart Technology developed by Nutribullet will do the rest. The unit comes with a power button to its side, which runs it a full 1-minute cycle.
  3. The blending will continue for a whole minute. Take out the cup, twist the blade and pour out the contents, and you are done. 
  4. To activate the blender, you need to insert the cup with blades into the unit. To stop the unit, you need to remove the cup or turn off the machine. That’s it.

This is the basic operation for the 

Soup making process using the Souperblast mode

The machine is said to have an RPM of 30,000. At such a high speed, the blades create friction with anything they come into contact with, even a liquid. Throughout continuous operation, the heat generated will keep on increasing. In a 7-minute cycle, the blades’ heat is enough to cook the contents to the desired level without any additional or external heat. Nevertheless, by the 3rd or 4th minute, you can smell the contents getting cooked, and you will see a steaming hot soup at the end of the 7-minute cycle. Thus, this is the basic principle on which the Souperblast mode works. 

  1. To make a soup, just put all the ingredients together in the pitcher. Yes, just combine them all. 
  2. Close the pitcher’s lid and place it on the power base. Then, turn on the unit and activate the Souperblast mode.
  3. Another button on the front of the machine switches it from a 1-minute operation to a 7-minute long heating cycle for soups. To activate the Souperblast mode, press and hold the Magic Bullet button for 2 seconds, and the green light will turn Red to indicate that it is now in the Souperblast mode. 
  4. As the ingredients get pulsed and blended, they turn into a fine paste or a soupy mixture.
  5. Souperblast Pitcher has a capacity of 1 liter, and its 2-piece lid is made especially to make soups. Since the blender will generate heat in the pitcher, its top is ventilated to let out the heat and steam. 
  6. Once you are done, you can use the spout on the pitcher to directly pour the contents into the bowl. This helps the soup in the pitcher to stay hot while you can enjoy your first serving.

What can you make with Nutribullet RX? 

All the cups shipped with the product can be used for a variety of tasks apart from just smoothies. Even the blades have gone design changes with 2 of the 4 blades angled upwards, which we presume are for catching the chunks and slicing them. You can use them for protein shakes, milkshakes, cold dips, pancake batter, nut butter, or cold/ hot coffee, icy drinks, whole juices, whipped cream, shave ice, milk froth for Frappuccino, and anything which fits the use of the machine. 

The machine uses what Nutribullet terms as Nutrient Extraction process, which will burst open seeds, shred through the tough fruit and vegetable skins, rips apart the inner pulp, and cracks through the stalks of the vegetables. This way it can turn everything into a fine and smooth blend with no chunks whatsoever. 

Nutribullet RX – Some Tips

  • Clean immediately after use for a completely clean unit.
  • If for some reason some things like seeds or fruit skins are not getting processed to smooth texture, use smaller batches. This will make it smoother. 
  • The soup heating cycle may spill the soup from the top, so keep an eye out and remove some if it is spilling out. Process in batches
  • Never run the unit on two back-to-back 7-minute heating cycles as the motor can get damaged. Let it cool down for a few minutes before you proceed.
  • Never put hot liquids in the unit. It is the machine that will gradually heat up the contents with the Souperblast operation. 


  • Powerful motor: The motor is the heart of the entire process, and a 1700-watt motor leaves nothing to desire. It ensures faster, consistent, and better blending every time. 
  • Extremely easy to use: We feel it is very easy and intuitive to use, and so do many customers after checking user reviews. Some of the user’s favorite features are the hands-off blending and the one-touch button operation.
  • Larger containers: If you have a large family and you want to juice something for everyone, you need this product. The larger cups will give you more per serving or can easily serve two people at a time from the largest cup. 
  • Automatic pulsing: While using the blender, you will notice, it will pulse automatically when it runs its 1-minute cycle, which is great because it will take care of all the remaining chunks in the process, giving you a “smoother” blend. 
  • Good blending: The massive 1700-watt motor is powerful enough to crush everything in the kitchen into a smooth blend, not just the veggies. This makes it adaptable to a variety of foods and beverages without worrying too much about its intended use. Needless to say, the smoothness of their smoothies will be ultra-fine, with hardly any chunks or gritty texture.
  • Things getting stuck: Unlike its predecessors, the RX features wider cups, thus eliminating anything getting stuck anywhere. As the contents get blended, gravity and the whirling motion cause all the contents to be strongly sucked into the blend and towards the blades. 
  • It is very easy to clean: Like its predecessors, the model and construction are designed to help ease the cleaning process. Rinse it clean under tap water, use a little soap to make it clean, and leave the cups upside down to dry off. In case you are making back-to-back smoothies, just rinse and move on to the next smoothie. Apart from the smoothies, all other drinks will need a thorough cleaning with soap, else the taste and flavor from the earlier recipe can seep into the next one. As this blender can be used for hot drinks, it can leave a faint smell on the plastic. So always run the blender with a mix of soap and warm water to get rid of the smell.


  • Lack of “Pulse feature”: This might come as a surprise for some as people expect features from the base models to the integral to all the higher models as well. However, the Pulse feature is missing in this model, and we are not sure why. However, it is only a matter of preference, and you should be able to get used to it.
  • Extremely Loud: This is one area where all the blenders suffer. Some amount of sound damping would have helped, as you can imagine how loud the RX can sound. If doing early in the morning, you can literally wake up the entire house. We recommend you buy blender covers to help suppress the sound a bit.

Leakages: All top-down blenders suffer from this issue, and you will have to get used to fixing the cap tightly to prevent it. There is no other way out. It can also leak on the bottom through the blade housing. Leaks can be irritating because it involves a lot of cleaning. At other times you may notice a greasy, dark substance leaks leaking into the cup, spoiling the contents.

  • Definitely pricey, but it does come loaded with additional features and a bigger motor that may not be required for all. 
  • The large motor makes it bulky. It makes it more stable but difficult to move around in the kitchen. 
  • Gasket ring coming loose: The most common complaint, the rubber gasket can sometimes pop out of the blade housing. A design flaw that we didn’t expect with this product, it can even get stuck or chopped while the blender works.


We loved this product. It is a good upgrade over the Pro 900 in the Nutribullet blender range, giving you the benefits of cold processing as well as hot processing. Also, the powerful motor leaves little to be desired. This is one unit that ticks off all the right boxes and will work with any type of fruit or vegetable to give you a silky-smooth smoothie with ultra-fine consistency. 

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