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Health, fitness, and diet have become a hot topic in the last decade or so. With everyone getting aboard this mission to a healthy lifestyle. People have switched diets, make innumerable changes to their diet and lifestyle. Along with lifestyle diets, the other most important set of products that gained popularity were products that actively supported it. Prime among them is the blender. Here’s the review for Nutribullet Pro 900.

Why is a blender important in your kitchen? 

A blender is a single-function device that has taken the world by storm. It is one product in your home and kitchen that can totally transform your health in a matter of weeks. A blender will blend fruit, vegetable, or a combination of both to make a wonderful, flavorful and healthy home drink in a matter of seconds. Everyone we know starts their juicing journey somewhere, and everyone is excited at the prospect of introducing raw veggies and fresh fruits into their daily schedule. It’s easy to make a recipe that delivers tons of raw food with tons of nourishment that the body so needs on an everyday basis. People are so hooked on coffee or tea as they are a quick fix and extremely easy to make. Also, the energy spike they deliver with the sugar and caffeine is unbeatable.

However, people usually overdose on caffeine. It starts to show up in your life in the form of anxiety, restlessness, and inability to stay calm, always feeling worked up and stressed for no reason. Although we would not say you must totally discontinue coffee or tea, you must balance it with raw nutrition of some kind. Our bodies were made to handle vegetables and fruits in their raw forms. However, apart from fruits, we usually eat processed and cooked vegetables, which have fairly low levels of nutrition.

Health benefits

The blender will help set a healthy habit by juicing all the raw veggies and fruits, which you can drink. Let’s agree to the fact that it’s much easier to drink a healthy glass of juice than eat all the stuff individually on your plate. We do agree. There should be a place for salads on your plate at some point of the day. But what if you can simply juice everything together and gulp it down in a matter of seconds? 

I hope you understand the magnitude of benefit that a blender offers. Salads are good but tedious because you have to make one and sit down and eat it slowly. That’s ok once a day. But with juicing, you can simply stuff all the goodness in a jar, close it, blend it for 30 seconds and drink it in the next 30 seconds. Try beating that!

The Nutribullet Pro 900

There is a particular reason we have chosen the Nutribullet Pro 900 for this review. The reason being, it is extremely good at what it does. It blends you amazing juices every time. Let’s discuss the finer details of the product. 

nutribullet pro 900
Nutribullet Pro 900 @Amazon

The specifications, design, and features


Let’s understand the specification first. The blender comes power-packed with a huge and powerful 900-watt motor. This is a great improvement over its predecessor. Powered by a 600-watt motor, and could still blend well. What this means for the user is that the motor is 50% more powerful, and your juices will turn out even more fine, soft and creamy. We need to understand a basic fact that, when consuming a juice, it should be smooth to the finish. Chunks and bits and pieces of vegetables are not tasty and do not look good as well. We would rather choose a blender that can give a smooth drink the way it was meant to be. 


The Pro 900 looks impressive in silvery-bronze base color, and the vessels are clear plastic with charcoal-colored lids. The dimensions are just 12 x 7.7 x 15.9 inches and are a little heavy at 10.75 pounds. This blender has cups that are larger in capacity than its predecessor. The older version came in 24 oz. large cups while the Pro 900 has the largest ones at 32 oz. The Pro 900 is shipped with only an emulsifying blade, while the older series was shipped with 2 blades, an emulsifying and a flat blade.


It is a single-speed machine with no controls whatsoever. You just have to set the cup on the machine and twist it to start it. That’s how easy it is to operate. This product comes with a 1-year warranty. We have listed the package contents below.

  • 900-watt motor base
  • 1 Nos. – 32-oz colossal cup
  • 2 Nos. – 18-oz short cups
  • 2 Nos. – 24-oz tall cups
  • Flip-top lids – 2 Nos.
  • 2 Nos. – lip rings
  • 2 Nos. – handled lip rings
  • 1 Nos. – Recipe book
  • 1 Nos. – emulsifying blade

All the jars have the same circumference, and so you can fit any lid to any jar. They all have a snug yet airtight fit and do not take a lot of effort to screw them tight. They are relatively leakproof meaning, it all depends on how tight you screw them on. 

Nutribullet Pro 900 – How to use the product? 

  1. Put all the ingredients in any of the cups and screw on the blade lid tight. Then flip over the cup and place it on the blender base. Now you get two options. 
  • The first option is to simply push down the cup on the base to pulse it. You can do this to control the blending. 
  • The other option is to let the machine do the blending by pushing down the cup on the base and twisting it. This will lock the ON position’s internal motor switch, and the blending will continue for as long as you leave the cup on the base. To stop the blending, simply do the reverse, i.e. twist and remove the cup.
  1. Please note that if you do option 2 – machine blending, the blending action is fast due to the powerful motor. Your blend can be ready in as low as 15 seconds. So keep note of it and do not leave the blender running for more. 
  2. Due to the design feature and the single-speed operation, you will have to pack the cups accordingly. So pack the bigger pieces on the bottom of the cup. They are on the very top of the ingredients when you are blending. The lighter and smaller stuff must be packed closer to the blades. This is because the bigger chunks will tend to hit the blades first and get stuck. 
  3. Do not let the motor struggle. If you hear the motor struggle, something is stuck inside the cup, or the cup may be too tightly packed. If you have a lot to blend, it is quicker if you do it in batches rather than try to stuff everything in the blender. Remember to keep some free space in the cup for the contents to move in while blending.
  4. When the ingredients are too thick, scraping the material off the sides can be difficult. Work with consistency so that everything flows out smoothly and easily. 
  5. The instruction manual clearly warns against running it for more than a minute. Although, with its powerful motor, we double if you will need to run the blender for so long, but still do remember the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  6. The motor is powerful, and so the quick start may tug the blender in its direction. So just be wary of this happening. 
  7. Rather than put a lot of pressure on the motor, take small breaks to prevent the motor from overheating. Mix up the ingredients between breaks. 

What can you make with the Nutribullet Pro 900? 

We know everyone loves to multitask their gadgets, and the Pro 900 is no different. Apart from the smoothies, of course, there are several other uses to the machine. You can make cold dips, nut butter, icy drinks, whole juices, whipped cream, shave ice, pancake batter, protein shakes, milk froth for Frappuccino, or cold/ hot coffee, milkshakes, and anything which fits the use of the machine. 

Also, hold your breath. You can try using it to grind spices, coffee beans, and also sauces. The powerful 900-watt motor will let you do all this too. 

Warning: That being said, keep the device away from blending hot food items like e.g. soups. This is because the lid on each of the cups fits airtight, and blending hot food will cause the air inside to expand rapidly, causing the cup to crack or the lid will become too tight to open. Hot foods always need a small opening for the hot air to escape. Also, do not pressure the blades by trying to grind or blend hard stuff. This may cause the blades to break under an extended period of high pressure. 


  • Powerful motor – The powerful motor means blending is faster and better.
  • Extremely Easy to use and clean – A soapy wash and a good rinse is all you need. Just place it upside down to dry off the water, and you are done. In case you are preparing several smoothies for the family, you can simply rinse the cup and lid clean, and it’s ready for the next smoothie. Some plastics may retain the smell of the smoothie. To get rid of this and also so for a good clean, we recommend running the blender with warm water and soap a 15-20 seconds cycle. 
  • Good blending – The blender is meant to blend ice, soft fruits, fruits, and vegetables with fiber. And it does that job pretty well, resulting in a good smoothie.
  • Helps with healthy eating – there are lots of comments expressing that healthy eating has become easier since using the Nutribullet Pro 900. Customers have noted that they’ve been consuming far more greens and fresh produce since purchasing the Pro 900.


  • Extremely loud – We have to be honest here. You will have to bear the sound for 30-60 seconds of use. God forbid if anyone is watching TV, working, or speaking on the phone. As the sound is completely intolerable.
  • Leakages – For a top screw-on blender, you must fix the lid tight to complete the watertight seal, which can be tough, and the seal can leak into the base below. Also, tightly sealed lids can get difficult to open. 
  • No Speed options – Having only an On and Off option, it lacks the necessary 2-3 variable speed options that are more desirable. Slower speeds let the machine grab ingredients in the first round. Then as they are ground, the speeds can be increased. 
  • Cannot process semi-hard material – Semi-hard food items like e.g. almonds cannot be blended perfectly and leave chunks in the smoothie. While dry almonds can be turned into flour, almonds within a smoothie may escape the grinding and stay as smaller chunks. The same can be an issue with breaking down seeds in the fruits. 
  • Things getting stuck. Due to the top town function of filling and running it, there is a tendency for a material to stick to the top of the cup when blending. It is also possible for the chunks and food that are at the top of the cup to find their way to the blades. You will have to remove the cup and give it a little shake to mix them well and continue to blend.

Why choose Nutribullet Pro 900?

The blender comes loaded with enough features that are desirable and expected from one. It packs in enough containers and cups which can be used for a variety of tasks. Apart from a scraper to scrape the sides of cups after a blend, you do not need anything else to use this machine. The recipes found in the booklets will act as a good starting point on the way to a healthy lifestyle. Overall, we loved the product and so will you.

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