Mung Bean Substitute

Mung Bean Substitute

Beans have become a natural fixture in many cuisines for the nutrition and flavors they provide to recipes. Beans come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. While they belong to the same family, each exhibits a different taste. Mung beans are popular in Asian, Indian, or Arabic cuisines and now western cuisines according to the rising vegan and vegetarian trend. Beans are full of nutrition and come as dried seeds. They can be soaked in water and then cooked in numerous recipes. However, beans may not be native to your country or region, and you may find yourself unfamiliar with them. This reason brings us the idea of a few great mung bean substitute ideas so you can proceed with your recipes without worry. Let’s get started and check them out.

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Mung bean options

It is best to stick to mung bean options available in the market that are close to the original taste and easy to find. We present a few below.

  • Pelted or split mung beans: This is one of the most accessible alternatives that most people may be unaware of. Unless you want to sprout the mung beans, pelted ones are the best replacement as they match the taste, texture, and flavor 100%. If a store has mung beans, it must also have pelted mung beans stored.
  • Mung bean powder: Quite a few times, mung bean flour is readily available and is the next best option. We recommend flour for recipes because eventually, during the lengthy cooking process, like soups and stews, the beans break down from their original structure and become soft and mushy.
  • Canned beans: When out of options, first, look for canned possibilities for the same taste.

Black Mung beans

The next close family member is the black mung beans. Black mung beans are also available in the market but are comparatively lesser-known. They can easily substitute the mung beans. They are pretty popular in curries, soups, and stews due to their earthy tones. These are commonly known as black gram, and you guessed it right. The mung is called the green gram.

Adzuki beans

You guessed it right again. Beans will be an ideal replacement for other beans. If you are not worried about the Red color of the Adzuki beans, they have a great flavor. They exhibit the same nutty, earthy, and sweet flavors associated with the beans family. And that’s the reason we chose them.

Strawberry beans

These beans get their flavor from their strawberry-like color. They don’t taste like strawberries but closely replicate the taste of mung beans. They form an excellent substitute for all recipes that need mung beans.

Borlotti beans

They look strikingly similar to the strawberry beans and are a good substitute. Having similar tastes, they won’t disappoint you.


These are the easiest to find and made it to our list here. They might not replicate the taste to 100%, but they exhibit the same earthy, sweet, and nutty tones present in mung beans.

If you are replacing mung beans with beans from the other family, the substitution rule will always be 1:1. We would ideally suggest you soak them for 1 hour in warm water for using any of them.

Final Words

I hope you liked the information shared in the article. You can use beans in many different ways and in many recipes. They can be the main ingredient or a side ingredient to make the formula thicker in its consistency or add a lovely flavor. Another important use is when you sprout mung beans. Mung bean sprouts are crunchy. If you are planning to substitute mung bean sprouts, then use soybean sprouts, snow peas, bamboo shoots, bok choy, sunflower sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, etc.

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