Do These Things To Make Feeding Your Family Easier (As Busy Parents)

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As a parent, you are busy. You might work outside the home, as a remote worker from the comfort of your home, or as a stay-at-home parent. No matter what, you work, and you know it. One of the biggest challenges for any parent is figuring out what to feed your family. Keep reading for tips on how to make your week easier.

Learn Everyone’s Schedule

Preparing a menu is not just a task where you decide what you want to eat. The best way to get the food figured out for the week is to talk with your family about varying responsibilities and schedules, determine who will make the food or share in the workload, and consider what everyone will eat.

With work responsibilities, school activities and athletics, commute times, and child transport, little time is left in the day. That does not even include homework. For example, create a family calendar on Google to accommodate everyone’s schedules and hungry bellies. This way, everyone can add to it as things come up.

Schedule Carryout

Start the whole planning process by deciding on one day when you will get a carryout meal. This is the most leisurely meal and the most fun one to figure out. Choose a tried and true favorite or a new restaurant. Ask everyone to review the menu and then submit your order. Select a custom time to pick up the delicious food that works with your family’s schedule. 

Getting takeout during the week or saving it for a Friday night dinner and a movie is always fun. Do what works best for you. These meals are your easiest ones because there is minimal prep, only a few clicks of the mouse or taps from your finger, some driving, and then clean up will be minimal!

Prepare a Menu

Now that you have at least one meal in place, it is time to work on the rest. Get out your pen and paper, laptop, or smartphone to start. Create a list of every meal that will be eaten at your home or packed from the items and ingredients in your kitchen for lunch at work or school, for example.

Next, look for recipes everyone is excited to eat repeatedly, like these strawberry muffins. Pull out loved ones and put them into weekly rotation, such as for Taco Tuesdays. If eating the same thing each week is too much repetition for you and your family, move these favorites into a monthly meal plan. Be sure you find recipes and meal ideas for all meals of the day that you need to plan for.

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