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Don’t overlook the jelly roll pan if you want to expand your pan collection and boost your cooking and baking abilities. It can be used to make a variety of other dishes in addition to delicious jelly rolls. It can be used to roast vegetables, bake cake sheets, or bake cookies.

jelly roll pan
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So, what exactly is a jelly roll pan, and how would you pick the best one on the market? It’s essentially a flat pan with rimmed sides for baking thin and delicious cake sheets. When you coat them in jelly or cream coating, you’ll have a delightful jelly roll that most of us enjoy.

Jelly Roll Pan Sizes

Apart from baking cake sheets, this cookware can be used as a serving tray at a gathering. As a result, the size will be determined by your requirements. It’s not the same experience if you use the pan for something other than jelly rolls or bake something else.

A typical jelly roll pan comes in two sizes: big and small.

· 5 x 15.5 inches (27 x 39 cm)

· 5 x 17.5 inches (32 x 44.5 cm)

If you need to bake muffins in your jelly roll pan, you must know that the smaller model can hold ten muffin cups, and the larger one can hold twelve. The standard height of the sides is 1 inch in both cases (2.54 cm).

It’s essential to choose the correct dimensions for a jelly roll pan because you’ll be using it for baking a particular size of the cake layer. You won’t have to contend with a dried-out, overcooked dessert that’s the wrong thickness this way. When your recipe and pan are compatible, coating the cake and folding it into a roll will be a breeze.

Different types of Jelly Pans

The primary consideration should be the type of material used for the new jelly roll pan. You have to choose wisely because it will influence how long you will keep this dish warm.

Also, it would help if you kept in mind the importance of an even distribution of heat over the pan’s entire surface. That’s the only way to ensure a well-baked cake.

Finally, establish whether the material is susceptible to warping. If you buy small, lightweight cookware, it is not an uncommon issue. Find a model that will not lose form due to high temperatures, according to your expectations.

Some excellent model jelly roll pots are available to take into account:

Aluminum Jelly Roll Pan

Many professionals prefer aluminum pans because they heat up quickly and uniformly. Since they typically have a non-stick finish, you can use them for a variety of things.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-clean pan, this might be the one for you. Note that most aluminum pans should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Nonstick Jelly Roll Pan

It’s important to stop putting cake sheets into the pan if you’re a novice baker. The jelly roll pan has a non-stick coating on the surface, much like every other non-stick pan. It would be healthy if you looked for pans free of BPA, PFOA, and PTFE.

Although the coating is frequently made of ceramic, you can find a variant with a textured layer to ensure that your baked cake slides out easily. This form of kitchen equipment is easy to clean, along with being corrosion and rust-resistant. After each use, gently wash it with soap and warm water, and a sponge. Be aware not to damage the non-stick coating or scratch it.

Stainless Steel Jelly Roll Pan

This solid material makes pans robust, scratch, and warp-resistant. It probably won’t distribute heat uniformly on the negative side, so the baking time will have to be adjusted.

Aluminized Steel Jelly Roll Pan

A jelly roll pan can now be found in a variety of materials, but aluminized steel has proven to be an excellent baking choice. This kitchenware replaces the roasting pot properly and is perfect for washing in a dishwasher.

This kind of pan has been further improved so that the non-adhesive coating is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. Make sure it will not warp over time.

Silicone Jelly Roll Pan

Silicone is a versatile and long-lasting element that can be used to make both cake sheets and table mats.

It is simple to use and resistant to fluctuation in high and low temperatures.

However, the edges are not as big as in the standard jelly rolling pot, and your cake will probably not bake properly using it.

The Jelly Roll Pan With The Cooling Rack

Without thinking about oil droplets, you can use the rack to roast meat or bacon or vegetables since the pan collects can collect it. Your food will hold shape thanks to its density and will not fall into the pot. It can also be used in cooling cookies or other bakery items.

How to purchase a Jelly Roll Pan?


Before you go shopping for a pan, make sure it’s ideal for high-temperature cooking and baking. The maximum temperature your cookware can withstand is listed on the box.


The cheapest models are around $10, but there is no guarantee that they will last. Then there are some that cost between $10 and $20. If you don’t use your pan very much, this cookware will usually suffice.

You can spend up to $40 on the most costly jelly roll pan on the market. And if you use them often, these high-quality models can last a long time. You can also purchase two pans in a kit for less than the cost of two individual pans.


Pick a jelly pan model that is dishwasher safe. If you are someone who doesn’t fancy washing your dishes by hand, you would be disappointed otherwise.


When you see a textured or pan with patterns, it means that your cake has more air circulation during baking. It helps to bake the batter uniformly. To avoid warping, a few of the pans now have reinforced rim.

To summarize, there are several different types and styles of jelly roll pans on the market, so it’s up to you to figure out which one is best for you. Feel free to play around with your jelly roll pan and try out various cakes and dishes. It’ll be a delicious and enjoyable experience!

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