How To Store Peaches

How To Store Peaches

Everyone loves peaches. Many of us wait for the season of peaches the whole year. But is it necessary to wait for its season to arrive? I mean, one can have other options as well. Yes, you read it right. Why don’t we come with an idea of storing peaches? So, you do not have to wait for the whole year and can eat whenever you want to. Isn’t that sound excellent? Yeah, it is. Today I will discuss some fantastic ideas or strategies one could follow to store peaches.

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The Best Way to Store Peaches

The best way to store peaches is to keep them in the refrigerator so far. Peaches are best if you eat them fresh, but if you have more than you can consume in one sitting or want to eat it afterward, store them in the refrigerator. The chilly temperature slows the ripening process and keeps the peaches from rotting too rapidly. One must know is that freezing for a more extended period can make the texture less appealing than a fresh one.

It is essential to maintain a proper temperature to store peaches. But one thing should keep in mind while storing peaches is that it should ripe adequately. Peaches ripe faster in high temperatures. So, if your peaches are not appropriately ripened, the first thing you have to do is mature them at the proper required temperature.

Peaches need more days to ripen before they’re ready to eat when they’re firm to the touch and lack their characteristic sweet aroma. The best location to keep them till then is on the counter at room temperature. To avoid damage, keep them unwashed and position them stem-side down, preferably in a single layer.

Method to Ripen Peaches Adequately

Follow these steps:

  • Choose the peaches that have the least amount of green color near to stem. This type of peach is best for ripening.
  • Use a paper bag to store them. Arrange these separately in a single layer so that peaches are not touching each other. You can use multiple bags depending on the number of peaches.
  • Close the paper bag and keep it under room temperature. You can check peaches after 24 hours. The ripening time can vary from one to several days, depending on how immature they are stored for ripening.

The chemistry behind this ripening is that fruits emit ethylene gas. When you cover these with the paper bag, the gas is trapped and will help peaches ripen faster. This method of ripening is not only for storing purposes. If you buy some peaches, and unfortunately, those are not ripe yet. You can ripe these by this method. Also, if you feel your peaches are hard, you can store them in a paper bag and eat them after peaches become soft.

Never keep over ripen peaches with under ripen peaches. Because over ripen peaches slow down the ripening process, you have to wait for more for its ripening.

The Best Way of Keeping Peaches Fresh 

When peaches are ripe, you should use a bag with large holes or an open bag apart from other fruits if you store them outside. Wrapping your peaches tightly and storing them in the fridge is the best option after you’ve chopped them up.

You can keep peaches fresh for 3–5 days if you know how to store them properly. However, if you want to store them even longer, you’ll need to learn how to freeze peaches.

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How to Freeze Peaches 

Slice your fresh peaches, place them on a baking sheet, and freeze for 4 hours. Remove the sliced peaches from the oven and place them in an airtight plastic bag in your freezer’s deepest section. In this way, you can freeze peaches. Plastic bags are the best way to keep your frozen fruit safe and fresh for up to 3 months.

Store Peaches For Long Term

You can store peaches for the long term as well. If you have more peach before they deteriorate, freeze them. Peaches should be ripe when frozen. Peach wedges should be peeled, sliced, and frozen on a baking sheet or plate before being transferred to a freezer bag. They’ll last months in the fridge, keeping their sweet taste and orange color. For anything from drinks to desserts to eat, defrost them as required.

Before zipping up your storage bag, make sure to get rid of as much air as possible. Before putting the bag in the freezer, write the date on it. It means you can use it for the whole year. We can preserve frozen peaches for six to twelve months. After this period, the peaches will develop freezer damage and lose a significant amount of fragrance.

How To Store Peaches – Frequently Asked Questions

Well, one can store peaches for a long time and use them according to their need. Here I am going to mention some frequently asked questions regarding peaches storage and their answers.

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Should You Wash Peaches Before You Store Them?

Always wash fruits when you want to use them. Fruits contain a natural preservative. Washing and then refrigerating the fruit can encourage the growth of fungus or other microorganisms. So, it is best to wash peaches when you want to use them. 

Can Fresh Peaches Be Frozen Whole? 

You can wrap peaches in plastic wrap and frozen whole. I am afraid that you might eat them all before you can create that peach pie in the middle of winter. Use the freestone kind of peaches while freezing them.

Do Frozen Peaches Get Mushy? 

Frozen peaches tend to get mushy after a while in the freezer.

Why Did My Frozen Peaches Turn Brown? 

Your peaches will brown if there is any air remaining in the bag. Place the bags upright in the freezer’s coldest section to keep the fruit covered in liquid. Whenever you attempt to do it before the peaches have frozen, the vacuum sealer removes the syrup from the bag.

Are Brown Peaches Safer To Eat?

The brown inside of the peach meat is the internal breakdown of peach. When you keep a non-ripe peach in the refrigerator, it might develop this inner breakdown. It would be tasteless. But still safer to eat.

How To Store Peaches – Conclusion

Peaches are delicious and healthy food. It contains vitamin A as well as some essential minerals like potassium, iron, and fluoride. So now there is no need to wait for the season of peaches; you can easily store peaches and enjoy them whenever you want to. 

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