How To Steam Corn

How To Steam Corn

According to recent cooking reports, steaming corn is a beautiful and affordable way to cook a wide range of corn. The method only demands two ingredients, such as water and corn itself. The process is more rapid, and that makes them keep their nutrients. Also, the process mainly produces incredible texture and even taste of fresh corn. The steaming method mostly requires a particular pot and steamer basket to bring out delicious corn. However, if you don’t possess a steamer basket, then you don’t worry about yourself. Other remarkable ways will also make you achieve great such as oven, skillet, and microwave. Let us get to know the best ways to steam corn.

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Significant Steps on How to Steam Corn

Below is the best steaming corn process:

You are required to ensure you with the right ingredients. Carefully husk your corn as well as remove the silk. Cut off the discolored parts, particularly damaged by insects.  Ensure you trim them according to your basket size and even cut their ears twice to fit them. Besides, add at least two glasses of water and carefully put a steamer rack inside it. Always remember, the water should never touch the bottom of t your steamer rack. However, if any water traces feel it, the equipment gets off.

Ensure you cover it to make it boil uniformly with an extensive heat rate. If that water begins boiling, carefully insert your corns into a steamer basket with a pair of tongs. Cover your pot and give it at least 4 minutes or wait till they turn a crispy and brownish color. But for those who are excited with softer corns, they should give it approximately 7 minutes. Please note that the more you stream them, the more you pay attention, particularly to the water level.

Ensure your water level doesn’t drop by 1 inch, or the streaming process will continue and damage your favorite pot. Afterward, switch off your burner and lately remove it from the respective pot using tongs. You may serve them at their current state or improvised pepper, salt, or butter.

Alternative methods of steaming corns  

Steam Corn With Skillet

You should put at least two glasses of water into your skillet and then patiently wait for it to boil. Carefully introduce the shucked corn into the water. Resume it to the boiler device while reducing its heat capacity to a specific favorable temperature. Make sure you cover it with an impressive lid to speed up the process. You are required to steam them until they turn brow-shish look for around 4 minutes.

Those with colossal skillet can perfectly steam three or four ears at the go.

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Steam Corn With Oven

 Firstly, ensure the oven is at 400 F temperatures. You may Schuck them or even trim them twice based on your preferences. Therefore, insert them into a casserole dish along with a half glass of water. Cover it with aluminum foil and wait for approximately 30 minutes. With appropriate dish sizes, you comfortably steam a wide range of corn’s ears simultaneously.

Steam Corn With Microwave

There are two main approaches that you can steam your corns within the microwave. The most recognized way is to insert your grains into a microwave machine without trimming them. This steaming process usually takes approximately 4 minutes to brown them and then remove them with a pair of tongs.

Carefully shake the corns by holding their top end. Cut them at the bottom to ensure that they don’t interfere with the process. By doing so, you will release whole corns while keeping the silk. The main disadvantage about it is that you only steam one at once.

If you want to microwave many corns at once, you should shuck them, trim them twice and insert them into a particular dish. Remember to add two tablespoons of water and then cover it with outstanding plastic material. Lastly, heat them within the range of between 4-6 minutes till they turn deep brownish. You may increment the period depending on your demands.

Tips on How To Steam Corn

Here are some of the top-rated tips you should put into account when planning to steam corns:

  • Bear in mind that the suitable steaming period, especially for corn, takes at least 4 minutes.
  • It will help if you don’t introduce salt particles to your corns before even cooking them. Salt makes them develop a hardy texture. Therefore, you should only use the salt after successfully steaming them to your needs.
  • Always make sure you settle on young and healthier corn to taste its tenderness and sweetness at large.

How to Freeze and maintain steamed corn

As a wise corn enthusiasm customer, you need to store them in well-covered aluminum foil inside your fridge between 3-4 days.  Some store in the cob form or remove them. Please note that corn’s leftovers play a significant role in tacos, quesadillas, and salads.

If you want to freeze your steamed corns, you need to wait until they cool and carefully wrap them along with excellent aluminum foil. Therefore, insert them in, particular airtight can or sealed freezer. These freeze corns can particularly last for around ten months.

The advantages of corns into our body 

Most corn verities contain starchy carbohydrates, few fat nutrients, and fibrous. In that case, these substances mainly enrich your body with nutritional addictive and remarkable energy. Also, there are impressive levels of Vitamin C, Magnesium, potassium.  The corn’s yellowish segment offers antioxidants, which boost your skin’s zeaxanthin heath and even eyesight improvements.

Corn contains an intensive volume of soluble and insoluble fiber nutrients that enhance the entire digestive process.  Do you doubt that?  You may buy specifically organic corn because it contains incredible and unique nutrients that boost your health status.

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Why use salt in the corn steaming process?   

Studies showcase that most people worldwide usually introduce salt into corn’s water, especially when they prefer that meal. Remember that salty water slightly seasons corn’s surface, but it doesn’t season its kernel. Furthermore, the massive the salt particles, the few minutes it takes to diffuse inside the kernel structure.

In most cases, corn takes between 6-8 minutes to soften its kernels, making them more delicious and juicy.

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