How to Make Strawberry Smoothie

How to Make Strawberry Smoothie

A fruit smoothie is the most sought-after drink with the most nutrition factors. It boasts of a rich, creamy taste and excellent health benefits. At the same time, it can cool down the body during summers; it’s also a very famous pre and post-workout drink when topped with whey protein. It gives you the best of the fruit world and the benefits of milk products, thus making it a complete meal in itself when combined with a healthy breakfast. In this article we’ll teach you how to make a strawberry smoothie, but first let’s talk more about smoothies in general.

Let’s understand why a smoothie is so appealing and famous:

  • Light yet filling drink: While fruit juices are light and will get digested in less than 40 minutes, leaving you hungry again, smoothies are more affluent and have a thicker consistency. They can even replace a meal if you can have 1 or 2 glasses in itself.
  • An essential source of nutrition: Fresh fruits and dairy have become the vital source of nutrition nowadays with our busy lives. So why not combine the two and make something that tastes even better than having both individually. This replaces the fruits and dairy on your dining table.
  • Quick recipe: The recipe is simple, repeatable, easy, and with readily available ingredients too. So it makes for that easy go-to recipe when you are short of time and yet want to consume something extremely nutritious.
  • Low sugar: Ripe fruits have natural sugar, and there is no need to add any more sugar to the smoothie. It’s delicious in itself. Also, since it’s not a dessert or a cake, it does not have to be extremely sweet like one, making it even more healthy.
  • Aids weight loss: The rich, creamy, icy, and airy texture gives a feeling of fullness that lasts a long time. Therefore, you will eat less and eat more healthily, replacing all the unhealthy foods in your diet.

Need we say any more? The taste in itself is the bestseller. Once you taste it, you are hooked on it for life.

strawberry banana smoothie
Strawberry banana smoothie @Pinterest

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe


  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Serves: 2 servings


  • Extremely Ripe Strawberries – 1 cup fresh or frozen (approx. 8-10 strawberries)
  • Strawberry with Leaves for garnishing – 1 whole (optional)
  • Fresh whole milk – 1/2 cup
  • Vanilla or Strawberry Yogurt – 1/2 cup (Greek yogurt is preferred)
  • Sweetness: You can use any of the below to add sweetness to the smoothie
    • Extremely ripe banana – 1/4th to add sweetness.
    • Sugar – 1 teaspoon (utterly optional if you use a banana)
    • Maple syrup


  1. Thoroughly rinse fresh strawberries 3-4 times in a bowl, completely emptying the water every time.
  2. Clean them dry with a paper or cloth towel to remove any impurities left. Hull the strawberries, carefully removing the stems and the green leaves.
  3. Take a food processor or blender and add all the strawberries to it. Then add vanilla yogurt, milk, and your preferred sweetener. Ensure the blender is not overloaded. Else the blades will not spin freely and will get stuck. Ensure there is just enough amount of milk to let the blades spin freely. Else the smoothie consistency will be watery and runny.
  4. Blend the contents until you get an excellent and smooth puree.
  5. Cut 1 or 2 strawberries into small pieces and add them to the drink. Chunks of strawberries taste nice in the smoothie, and you can drink directly from the jar or serve it in glasses.
  6. While you can store the smoothie for later, do ensure you consume it the same day. Smoothies are best fresh, and you will notice the not-so-fresh taste if you have it even a couple of hours later. The taste and texture deteriorate. So we do not recommend storing it unless you have no choice. Also, since it’s so easy to make, you can only make the exact amount you need every time.
ready to enjoy strawberry smoothie
Ready to enjoy strawberry smoothie @Pinterest

 Strawberry Smoothie Recipe – Tips and Variations

  • While you can add 1/4th of a banana to make it thicker, you can replace it with crushed ice to make it into a slushy smoothie.
  • Always prepare and serve the smoothie fresh. Since it’s a quick recipe, you can easily do it in less than 5 minutes, too, when you have enough experience. It is made with readily available ingredients, and you can also drink it right from the blender jar.
  • To avoid sugar, you can add honey and get the same level of sweetness. You can replace sugar with love in almost all drinks and recipes as a healthy option. You can also add ½ of a very ripe banana to the smoothie as a very ripe banana has a high level of natural sugar.
  • Try the same with other fruits, and you will not be disappointed. Typically people who work out prefer banana smoothie as it helps replace the essential carbs in the body and fuels the workouts. You can try fruits and berries to make a smoothie.
  • Add cashew or peanut butter to the smoothie to make it thicker. Everyone may not like it, but it certainly is one good option.
  • Try adding one teaspoon almond butter to the smoothie as another variation, as it goes very well with a strawberry taste and flavor.
  • During summers, blend a little bit of basil or mint with the drink, and you will enjoy the refreshingly fresh taste and aroma.  
  • If you need a slightly tangy taste not available in the strawberries, reduce the amount of sweetener added and add ½ to 1 cup of pineapple.
  • You can add flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and whey. You can also add some chocolate for fun and flavor.
chocolate covered strawberry smoothie
Chocolate covered strawberry smoothie @Pinterest

More strawberry recipes:

Vegan options

To make it plant-based vegan, replace the milk and yogurt with ripe bananas, and they will ensure the creamy texture and rich taste of the milk or yogurt. Add the desired amount of water so that the blender can make the smoothie. You will love this one too.

Strawberry Smoothie – Wrapping it up

That’s it. It’s a straightforward and versatile drink, provided you follow our instructions carefully. You are free to add variations of your own, and we encourage that. You can go up to 2 weeks trying different fruit combinations of smoothies without repeating them. So it’s a lot of fun and variation on the breakfast table too. I hope this information has been helpful. Cheers and have fun.

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