How To Make Rice Flour

how to make rice flour

The use has made baking fun of rice flour. One thing about it is it’s gluten-free. Nowadays you don’t have to depend on baking flour only. Rice flour has become a substitute for it. Continue reading and find out how to make rice flour!

The crunchy meals, cakes, and pastries have all been effortless in using it. Those who have issues with gluten-free products have all being able to use them. Nothing complex or complicated you only need a grinder, blender, and a grain mill to grind.

The need to buy rice flour at the supermarket has been enabled by making them at home. People avoid using it as it being expensive when purchasing at the supermarket. The results when using it has better results compared to wheat flour.

how to make rice flour
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What Is Rice Flour?

It is substituted with wheat flour. Those who use it can tell the difference as it is not fined into a texture. Most of the Asian, Americans, and Chinese use it for different purposes.

Not only in baking but also as a beauty product, baking different dishes, and in the cultivation of mushroom.

The rice is obtained and ground to fine flour to become the rice flour. Their use is different as it serves different purposes to an individual.

Whether brown, white, and combined rice all have the same benefit.

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They are used to make pancakes 

The Asians use it in most of the pancakes they make. The softness and the taste of the rice flour have made them change from wheat flour. Any recipe from how to make pancakes works well.

Crispy finish

It is the crispy making of pieces of bread and other dishes that comes out with crunchiness. The rice itself is challenging. That’s why the flour tends to be crisp when finely ground. Even in baking, you still feel that crispiness in cakes, desserts, and homemade bread

Make noodles 

The people of Thailand and China use this rice flour to make the noodles. Many have found it sweet and does not stick in the pan. The noodles are then added to other spices and seasoning to add flavor to them. They do serve them with other types of stews to get a whole meal.


This means any person who has issues with their health from eating wheat can consume rice flour. Wheat flour is used in many baking and cooking recipes. It also poses health conditions to some of the people.

Making sweets

It is used to make sweets that are crispy and crunchy. It depends on the kind of snacks and sweets prepared. Most of them are sweet, and many people prefer them to other ordinary sweets.

How To Make It

  1. First, place the blender or grinder at your table or kitchen top. Avoid placing it at a level wit can fall due to its high performance when grinding.
  2. Measure 1-3 cups depending on the amount you want to use. Don’t put a lot of the rice in the blender. When processing, it may struggle to process the rice inside. Choose to add small portions in it for it to grind it finely.
  3. Close the top lid of the bender and start the power button on. It will grind your rice finely. Monitor how it performs its tasks while changing the speed. A powerful blender will perform at a higher speed compared to a low performer. A higher-speed blender can do the grinding quickly than the slower. If you are using a large amount of rice, choose to use a high performer blender.
  4. When done grinding in the small portions, place them in an airtight bag or container. It helps in avoiding the moisture to spoil the flour faster. The humidity from outside reacts faster to the flour. Make sure you cover it.
  5. Store it 

Once you have ground all the rice. Put it in the pantry and store it. You can refrigerate the flour or store it with the other flour.

The flour can last up to a year but if you find any discolorations or bacterial build-up, know the flour is not fit for human consumption. Throw it away.

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 Can You Use The Wet Grinding Method?

It’s also similar to the dry grinding method. Most people use the technique, and they have to purchase the wet grinder for grinding.

The wet grinder sometimes tends to break down or wear out faster compared to the other grinders. People still use this method when they grind. They used to call it the traditional method.

The first thing was to wash the rice and grind it when it’s damp. After finishing it, you let it dry and sies it to remove the unwanted particles from the flour. The rice flour has to dry up for storage in the container.

Is It Worth The Price?

The home-based method depends if you have a grinder. The price of the grinder is not that cheap, but you can budget for it to save you money while buying the store one.

When you have bought the grinder, it is not only for rice grains. You can use it to blend and grind other ingredients.

The store rice flour is expensive, but you don’t need any process on it. They have already ground for you. All you have is your cooking to do. Others feel they haven’t grounded till smooth, but the rice still serves the same purpose as the other flour.

If you budget buying at the store or buying a grinder, choose what will work for you. The store rice flour is not all expensive compared to the budget of a grinder.


To make rice flour, as discussed above, has been made easy and a step-by-step process. Follow this procedure, and your rice flour will be smooth and more delicate. You left to make those sweet, crunchy pancakes and other bakings. A healthier product is accepted by any person, whether sick or not.

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