How To Make Perfect Coffee With A Coffee Maker

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You might own the best coffee maker on the planet, but if you don’t know how to make good-tasting coffee, you won’t be enjoying that magical morning cup of flavorful coffee any time soon. 

To make a perfect cup of coffee with your coffee maker, you don’t need to take a barista course. You don’t even need to invest in high-end coffee-making equipment. You need to make few tweaks here and there in your brewing process. And with practice, you’ll get it right!

In this post, you’ll discover 9 top tips and secrets for making a high-quality cup of coffee at home with your coffee-making machine.

Tip #1. Look For High-quality, Fresh Beans

The primary step to brewing perfect coffee with your coffee maker is to get high-quality, fresh beans.

The two main types of coffee beans include Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the most popular coffee bean the world over for producing better-tasting coffee. Robusta has a harsh taste and is cheaper than Arabica.

The region where the beans come from also affects their acidity, strength, and even flavour.

Get 100% pure Arabica beans for the best coffee drinking experience. But beware of cheap Arabicas as they contain added Robusta that has harsh flavours.

fresh coffee beans

You should also make sure you get the FRESH-est beans available for the best coffee. Consider buying your beans from a local roaster or roast them yourself to ensure you’re using the freshest beans.

Getting your beans from display bins in stores isn’t a wise decision. This coffee has been exposed to oxygen and light—the two top flavour busters for roasted coffee.

Buying Tip: Sellers who understand the impact of beans’ freshness on taste usually packs their beans in sturdy, airtight bags. Pay attention to the packaging.

Tip #2. Do The Grinding Yourself

It’s a good idea to grind the beans on your own. According to Coffeepidia, having your grinder ensures you use fresh ground coffee at all times.

Freshly ground beans make perfect coffee. And buying pre-ground coffee makes the perfect recipe for non-fresh coffee that doesn’t taste good.

grind your own coffee

We recommend you use a burr grinder for the best grinding results. This type of grinder crushes your beans into a more uniform grind size.

It also features different settings to help you achieve the right consistency for other brewing methods.

Tip #3. Get The Right Ratio Of Coffee & Water

To make a good-tasting cup of coffee, you’ll also need to get the coffee-to-water ratio right. Most people mistake measuring coffee with eyes or a tablespoon and ruining the quality of coffee they make.

Coffee and the right amount of water

The best way to accurately measure the amount of coffee is to use a gram scale. Experts suggest measuring 90 grams of whole bean coffee for a 6-cup brew. This measurement will balance the water and coffee into a perfect ratio—resulting in a quality cup of coffee with the ideal strength to raise your spirits.

Tip #4. Use Filtered Water To Make Coffee

Water is a crucial ingredient for making coffee. As such, it matters what water you use. Tap water with chlorine and impurities quickly ruins your coffee taste. Distilled and softened water makes no good coffee either as they’re stripped of the minerals.

filter water is better for making a coffee

For the perfect brews, always use cold filtered water. If you brew a lot of coffee every day, it would be even wise to keep a pitcher filled with filtered water in the refrigerator for easy brewing.

Tip #5. Boil The Water To The Correct Brewing Temperature

You should also pay close attention to the temperature of water you use for making coffee. You should use water heated to a temperature of between 195°F and 205°F (91 and 96 degrees Celsius) for the best-brewed coffee.

brew coffee at the right temperature

You must equip yourself with a thermometer to help ensure you bring your water for brewing coffee to this temperature. However, if you don’t have one, use this rule of thumb—let the water stay for approx—30 seconds after a full boil before you start brewing.

Tip #6. How Long To Brew?

You should time your coffee maker if you want it to brew a good-tasting cup of coffee. The right brew time usually ranges from 2-4 minutes, depending on the method you use.

Letting your coffee maker brew for longer results in over-extracted coffee with an overly bitter taste. Less brew time makes your coffee too sweet or sour.

Tip #7. Cheap Filters Don’t Make Perfect Coffee

If you have been doing everything right and still getting poorly brewed coffee, then it’s time to reconsider your choice of filters.

Switching to better filters can bring a big difference to how your coffee tastes. Try using unbleached (dioxin-free) or oxygen-free paper filters.

Coffee Filter

Cheap filers are usually thinner and tend to pass water more quickly, denying it enough time to interact with your coffee. This action results in poorly brewed coffee. Thicker filters cost more but deliver better-tasting coffee.

Alternatively, you can use metal filters to make perfect coffee. Unlike paper filters, the metal filters don’t remove much of the oils from coffee—giving you a fuller and bolder flavoured coffee.

Tip #8. Clean Your Coffee Maker Regularly

Did you know that coffee beans contain oils? When you use your coffee maker, the fat gets deposited inside. Next time, when you use it to prepare coffee without cleaning it, the oil residue interacts with your fresh coffee and consequently changes how it tastes.

To be more precise, your coffee tastes like it’s burnt—not suitable for your morning cup of coffee to boost your moods and energize you for the long day ahead.

The more the oils buildup, the worse your coffee gets. Just make an effort to clean your coffee maker properly before use.

Tip #9. Store Your Coffee Correctly

Making coffee is an ongoing process, and if you have an excess supply of coffee beans, you must store them correctly to ensure your next coffee brewing session produces a well-rounded cup of coffee.

We advise you to store your coffee in an airtight dark ceramic or glass container. This trick helps shield your coffee beans from the direct sunlight and keep them fresher as they wait for your next brewing session.

Store coffee the right way

Contrary to what some people might advise you, it would help if you NEVER froze your coffee beans as a storage method. By doing so, the coffee ends up taking in a lot of moisture which hugely affects the taste of your coffee.

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The way you brew your coffee can draw a distinct line between nasty coffee and the perfect cup of coffee. It is easy to make mistakes during the brewing process and ending up with coffee that just doesn’t as good you expect. Follow these top tips to ensure you brew the perfect cup of coffee with your coffee maker every single time.

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