How to Make Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Making Chocolate Chip Pancakes

If you have been struggling to make chocolate chip pancakes, then you are on the right track to achieve extraordinarily. The best approach is to ensure yourself with great ingredients to make delicious and even juicy chocolate chips.

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Cooking studies showcase that whenever preparing approximately 1,000 cookies, you probably pay attention to the entire procedure and distinguish between an astounding and impressive good cookie. Therefore, you need to make chocolate chip pancakes that will grab your customers’ attention at large. By doing so, you will probably increase your bankroll and even become a chocolate business guru.


  • A half-cup of miniature chocolate chips 
  • One cup of milk 
  • One egg
  • ¼ of teaspoon salt
  • A cup of flour 
  • Two tablespoons white sugar 
  • One tablespoon powder 
  • Two tablespoons of butter cooled and even melted


  1. Carefully put salt, baking powder, sugar, and sift the flour together in a container. Crack your eggs into milky appearances within a separate container till they are completely mixed. Gently, pour that melted butter, particularly into that ready flour mixture. Ensure you though whisky it to form smoother butter. Gently fold them into typical size batter.   
  2. Place your nonstick skillet specifically over little heat dispassion. Carefully pour approximately 1/3 cup batter into that skillet and then cover with aluminum foil. Bake them until they turn brownish color for at least 3 minutes. Flit it as well as ensuring another side is browned. You can perfectly resume the process with the remaining substance. 

Let’s dive into the remarkable ways on how to make chocolate chip pancakes.

You are required to mix sugar and cream butter while the oven’s heat temperatures are at 375 F/191 C. Also, carefully incorporate vanilla and eggs. Introduce salt, flour, chocolate chips, and baking soda. You might eat a piece of dough if you like it. Use the remaining dough for baking your favorites cookies. At that time, you should pay attention to the entire procedure of coming up with delicious chocolate chips. This great method has been used for over the past 80 years and remains outstanding for creating juicy cookies. 

Furthermore, the entire process is typically known as collective muscle memory. Conversely, it is crucial to question yourself why do you want to learn a new cooking tactic? What are the appropriate temperatures for making chocolate chips? What period does it take to complete the process? How do you identify your cookies are ready without depending on ticker time?

Focus on the time and temperatures 

Primarily, chocolate chips are thinner and smaller. Therefore, the transverse from ooey-gooey to super crispy within few hours. What determines their differences? I tried to bake different kinds of cookies in a common oven, along with the familiar standard preparations. Placed few batches into the oven around 325 F/163 C temperature and pivoted it to around 400 F/ 204 C temperatures for the remaining trials. I then concluded that there isn’t an important thing to bake into an oven above those temperatures.

Always remember, the more the oven’s temperatures, the more the dark cookies released and even the little they spread. On the other hand, the lower oven’s temperature, the more they spread, and even the ease of removing them from the respective oven. The best move is to bake huge cookies of approximately 100 grams because you can comfortably control their final texture. Statistics indicate that you can bake approximately 13 grams of cookies within 20 minutes. However, baking around 100 grams of cookies can be used as a distinctive way to determine how they bake. 

In that case, massive batches of cookies have been baked into an intensive heat oven, particularly at 100 grams individual cookie. Another trial took about 12 minutes at 325 F/163 C temperatures. This particular temperature makes them taste and look underbaked. The main reason was that those cookies were baked into a cold oven and took less time needed.

Check out the size   

Cookie’s size mainly plays a crucial role whenever planning to bake them. Bear in mind that the smaller the cookie, the less time is required to bake. This means that small cookies quickly get drier and crisper in the entire baking process than huge cookies. Also, these small cookies can be packed into an appropriate airtight container. Make sure that container doesn’t contain any traces of moisture to prevent them from staling. 

Besides, small cookies don’t get easily stale as their larger counterpart.

Therefore, if you are researching freshly and juicy cookies that you perfectly send through a package, I recommend you resort to the small size cookies. Conversely, it very difficult to make small chocolate chips along with an ooey-gooey and crunchy edge. Please note that the huge chocolate chips, outstanding in texture, provide a more juicy type of cookie you prefer. Therefore, choose the rightful cookie you want before striking to cook them.

If you want to succeed in measuring your cookies, then you need to ensure their equality. You could also use a cookie scoop because it is faster during the entire process. Furthermore, achieving a difference of around 5 grams doesn’t create more impact in your complete baking process.

How to mix up  

Many people around the globe find it difficult to mix up ingredients when preferring chocolate chips. As a wise chocolate baking guru, you should avoid overmixing but following the letter’s stipulated baking guidelines. The best thing is to determine the appropriate ratio of sugar and fat within your dough mixture. These ingredients mainly maintain their gluten strands shorter, and that keeps them away from being rough.

Conversely, since most recipe out there cautions against overmixing, a great population end up undermixing their cookies. But if you accidentally overmix them, don’t because you will end up achieving great cookies in the long run. For that to be successful, you should ensure to cream the sugar and butter amicably.

Always ensure you bake homogenous cookies’ dough, which doesn’t possess traces of remaining ingredients. The homogeneity solution seems boring, but it is the only way to prepare delicious cookies for the family or business. With a great mixture paddle stand and scraping down its container, you will probably come up with a homogenous dough.

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