How To Make Caramel With Condensed Milk

how to make caramel with condensed milk

Caramel is a sugar product. The sugar syrup derived from heating sugar at a high-temperature butter is added to make a creamy sweet sauce. It is heated until it turns brown. A variety of sugar can be added when the sugar melts. When caramel cools down, it becomes brittle and firm. It usually has a nutty, buttery, bitter-sweet taste. Caramel is also used in the manufacture of the majority of candies. In this post, we are going to get into how to make caramel with condensed milk.

 The end product is caramel. Once the caramel has been produced, you can use it in a variety of pastries and confectionery. Caramel is used as a flavoring in drinks, food, coffee, cream, butter, and it forms a very thick sweet sauce. You can use candies, cakes, pies, puddings in bonbons, and desserts topping in custard and ice cream.

Caramel does have quite a history from way back in the 1650s when the American settlers would make caramel as hard candies in a kettle. As innovation progressed, the new version of adding extras like milk and butter was invented. 

The process of caramelization is heating sugar up to 170 degrees Celsius( 340 Fahrenheit). The molecules break down as the sugar melts, reforming into compounds characterized by flavor and color.

how to make caramel with condensed milk
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What Is The Difference Between Caramel and Granulated Sugar

Caramel: Caramel is very different from sugar. As stated, caramel is simply sugar that has been introduced to high temperatures. At a boiling point, the sugar melts; when cooked, it turns into a brown color. It tends to develop complex aroma and flavors during the melting process. It tends to create complex aromas, flavors, tastes and darkens in color. The flavor is increasingly roasty and decreasingly sweet.

Granulated sugar: can also be called sucrose, has no smell. It is in crystal form and has a delightful taste, melts in your mouth.

Difference Between Caramel Sauce and Caramel Syrup

Caramel sauce: is much thicker and richer. The sauce is used in making the signature caramel macchiatos. Caramel sauce is made of granulated sugar. Caramel cooks at a high temperature until it caramelizes. During the heating process, one can combine with butter, heavy cream, and even vanilla extract.

Caramel syrup: is much thinner and sweet; it is runnier, unlike caramel syrup. Caramel syrup is 1 part water and 1 part sugar.

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Making Caramel With Condensed Milk

You can make your sweet caramel at home with just one ingredient recipe. Once you purchase condensed milk at the store, you can be able to make caramel. By following the below steps carefully, you can enjoy caramel homemade with condensed milk. Making caramel sauce requires minimal time and labor. It is foolproof, and the ingredients can be found at home and quite pocket-friendly. 

The result is a fantastic caramel sauce that you can enjoy any time at home. You can drizzle on your favorite snacks, cupcakes, and desserts. You can also be creative and try to recreate the Starbucks caramel drizzle. 

Also, you can use the sauce for dipping. Caramel makes pancakes, crepes, and French toast taste better. Slice your apples, pears, and other delicious fruits and dip in the caramel sauce. What’s more, you can add some salt to the caramel to make a salted caramel sauce. It is just so delicious.

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  • Tin of condensed milk 400g 
  • Butter 
  • Brown sugar 
  • Corn syrup

Direction to Follow 

Step 1

Over medium heat, let the brown sugar and the butter reach the melting point.

Step 2 

Add the sweetened condensed milk, stirring continuously. 

Step 3 

Add the corn syrup. 

Step 4 

As it turns dense, continue to whisk over the next 5-10 minutes until the mixture thickens and the sugar melts completely. Caramel thickens as it settles a giving a smooth, consistent texture.

Step 5

Remove from the heat, allowing to cool.

Step 6 

Store in an airtight container.

Caramel is very versatile. It can be used as sauce toppings or can be used to make candies. You can pour the caramel over strawberries and brownies for an extra gooey kick. You can even let the caramel melt in your mouth. Kids love the chewy texture of caramel in toffee.

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The Recipe for Making Caramel is Straightforward, and the Fact That You Can Make Them at Home is a Plus

Caramel is quite luxurious, soft, and smooth. When making caramel, ensure to always be on the lookout, as caramel burns very quickly. If possible, it is advisable to use a candy thermometer. Caramel receipt mostly tends to use brown sugar, butter, condensed milk, reason being:

Brown sugar is unique in that it cuts the cooking time; it boasts of richer flavor and gives the sauce a rich dark rich brown color, unlike the granulated sugar.

Butter:  ensure to use unsalted butter to control the amount of salt in the caramel. Do not use any other substitute besides butter

Condensed milk: delivers foolproof results each time; this is because it incorporates into a creamy effect. Caramel is made more quickly when condensed milk is added.

Salt: you can use salt to make the caramel sauce. It can be less or more, depending on your preference.

Vanilla extract: This can be added to Caramel when preparing to add flavor; however, this is optional. If you decide to use it, make sure to use the pure vanilla extract as it has a better taste and better quality.

Alternatively, you can follow these easy steps. 


  • 200g butter 
  • 200g brown sugar 
  • 395g condensed milk 

Step 1 

Combine butter 200 butter and 200-gram brown sugar 

Step 2 

Stirring over low heat consistently until the butter and the sugar turns into a smooth, dense paste. 

Step 3 

Add 395g of condensed milk to the mixture. 

Step 4 

Continue stirring under low heat for 20 minutes, and the mixture will start turning slightly brown and thickening. 

Step 5 

Remove from heat gently.

Step 6 

Allow to completely cool before using. Caramel sauce makes a fantastic gift. With the versatility, you can even use it with popcorn and brownies.

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