How to make a pink drink at home

You may wonder what a pink drink is? It is a strawberry acai refresher with a combination of passion and coconut milk and eventually topped with fresh strawberries. Starbucks makes and sells this drink. It is a very famous drink that is on Starbucks’ main menu. The drink has gained so much frenzy that it is Instagrams most photographed drink. This drink is a favorite to most people; once you are at Starbucks, you only need to order ‘the pink drink,’ and right away, it’s served. The pink drink is barbies color “pink” it a favorite there is a craze worldwide. The pink drink is a new version of acai refresher strawberry tea.

This article covers how you can make a pink drink at home, just like Starbucks. This drink, which is part of the Starbucks menu, Is fruity. It is a very refreshing ombre beverage that has a coconut milk base.

delicious pink drink
Delicious pink drink

The pink drink(world’s favorite candy)

The pink drink is known as the world’s most favorite candy. It has a smooth milk texture, and it tastes just like pink stardust. It is refreshing, light with a burst of strawberry. Also, It is your go-to drink, giving a feeling of spring all the time. This drink is a very fruity coconut milk strawberries and herbal tea mixture that does not contain much caffeine; it is a good treatment for children and adults. 

Why you keep seeing pink drink photos on Instagram 

This drink is very famous that you cannot miss seeing these photos on your newsfeed is because the pink drink is the most photographed. It has a pink hue; it is ombre, making it very photogenic and a favorite. 

The taste of the pink drink 

The pink drink refreshing and light swaps between the taste of coconut milk and refreshing strawberry acai refresher. It has a creaminess closer to that of iced tea and a frap. You can top the drink with blackberries or strawberries.


  • It is reviewed as the worlds favorite candy
  • You can taste strawberry through the pink drink is marketed as acai flavored with passion fruit accents mixed with coconut milk.
  • It is not as sugary, has a creamy nature, and very refreshing 
  • It is an excellent thirst quencher and will not interfere with your everyday diet 
  • The pink drink is perfect for warmer days and low in calories
  • It has a gorgeous ombre color 
  • It contains green coffee extract giving you an instant mild caffeine boost 

How to make the pink drink at home

You can make this famous drink with readily available products at your local grocery store and enjoy a refreshing treat. The homemade pink drink is caffeine-free. Thus, everyone in the family can enjoy it. If you are craving this famous drink, do not worry; follow the recipe below; it is effortless to make this drink. Within no time, it will become the most requested refreshment in your home.

You can use your favorite brand to prepare this drink. However, the Tazo passion herbal tea is a must, and there is no substitute. The Tazo herbal passion tea is the secret behind the beautiful color and the tartiness of the drink. The Tazo passion herbal tea contains hibiscus flowers, rose hips, orange peel, hibiscus flower, passion fruit, and cinnamon. If the Tazo passion herbal tea is not available locally. You can always order online.

Coconut water is different from coconut milk. Do not confuse the two when buying coconut milk to make this drink. For the recipe, you need a thick and rich consistency of coconut milk .coconut milk is sold in cans or packets at your local grocery store. Be on the lookout that you do not pick a can of coconut cream instead. The difference is that the cream of the coconut is much thicker and sweetened.


Here is the list of the things that you need.

  • 1 cup Water 
  • 1 Tazo herbal passion tea 
  • ½ cup of White grape 
  • Three tablespoons Coconut milk 
  • Two tablespoons chopped Strawberries 
  • Two cups of Sugar 

Direction to follow in making a pink drink at home

Simple syrup preparation

  1. Place sugar and water in a saucepan.
  2. Heat the saucepan on medium geat bringing the mixture to a boil 
  3. Continue to stir continuously to the point that the sugar dissolves
  4. Cool the simple syrup to cool temperature 

Herbal tea preparation

  1. In boiling water, put a cup of Tazo passion herbal tea tea 
  2. Let the tea sit for five minutes as it cools 

Making the pink drink

  1. Add ½ cup tea, two tablespoons, simple syrup, and ½ grape juice mix and stir well.
  2. Next, add ice to glass
  3. Add three tablespoons of the coconut milk and stir gently
  4. Put in glass 

Chop fresh strawberries and add as toppings serve immediately

Simple tips for making and serving

  • Make the drink slushie: During summer, everyone loves a slushy drink. You can quickly transform the pink drink to be slushy. All you need to do is preparing the tea in advance adding the white grape juice, and freezing in the ice cube tray. Put the mixture in ice cubes. In the meantime, you can put the simple syrup, coconut milk, and strawberries, and ice cubes in a blender blend until smooth.

For an inspired cocktail, add a shot of rum.

  • Make it by the pitcherful: you can make a larger batch of pink drinks by simply multiplying the recipe by four. You can store the excess pink juice in the refrigerator to be available at any time of the day. Do not add in strawberries; instead, you can add chopped strawberries to each glass.
homemade pink drink
Homemade pink drink

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Nutrition of homemade pink drink

Calories:282 kcal

Carbohydrates: 51g 



Saturated fat:9g

Sodium :36mg



Sugar 40g

Vitamin C:17mg



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