7 Tips To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Cooking Space

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It’s such a good feeling to cook and prepare food whenever you wish without much tidying up first. Plus, your kitchen will be generally more hygienic, which is essential for any cooking space. Whether that is your outdoor cooking station or your inside kitchen, here are some simple yet effective cleaning tips for your cooking space.

#1. Use easy drainers

We all know how annoying it is to drain fat or water from your cooking pot. For instance, if you are cooking beef and wish to drain away the oil, the worst thing you can do is try to pour it down the sink, which will probably clog the sink and harm your skin.

Therefore, the best thing you can use is an easydrain tool to drain away the fat quickly and safely and keep your cooking space as clean as possible so you will not spill fat or splash water anywhere.

Tip #2. Clean the taps more often

Another simple way to keep your kitchen looking and feeling clean is to clean your taps as often as possible. This tip doesn’t suggest cleaning your taps whenever you use the sink. However, cleaning them every few days will reduce the risk of limescale and ensure the kitchen looks as clean as possible. A top tip to clean your silver taps and keep them sparkling is to rub baby oil into them and then wipe them away with a warm, wet tissue.

Tip #3. Wipe down your worktops

Every time you prepare food and/or cook, it is essential to wipe down your worktops with kitchen-safe disinfectant so that you can remove any germs and keep your kitchen space as hygienic and clean as possible.

The more you wipe down your worktops, the cleaner they will remain so that food space will be ready whenever you wish to prepare or cook.

Tip #4. Avoid clogging the taps with oil

If you want to keep your kitchen sink in the best condition possible, avoiding pouring oil down the sink is essential, as this will block the drains and cause bad smells and poor water drainage. 

To remove oil from your plans, the best thing is to let it cool down, then soak it up with some tissue and pop it in the bin instead of putting it down your sink.

Tip #5. Make use of your cooker hood

Your cooker hood is there for a reason, so use it. Whenever you cook and create steam or smells from your food, it is vital to use the cooker hood to soak up any bad smells and reduce condensation in the kitchen.

Switching the cooker hood on will reduce the mold and dampness in your kitchen, which can build from condensation due to a lack of ventilation. If you do not have a cooker hood, then be sure to keep your windows open when you are cooking, as this will also encourage the space to ventilate well.

Tip #6. Regularly scrub the floors

It is essential to scrub the floors of your cooking space as you will be surprised how much dirt and bacteria build up there due to oil splashes and food dropping on the floor.

Wiping the floors gently removes visible dirt, which will make your kitchen appear clean. However, it is important to scrub the floors as thoroughly as this will lift the dirt and remove it effectively so that your floors are as hygienic as possible.

Tip #7. Thoroughly clean the appliances

Using your kitchen appliances daily for cooking and food prep means you should clean them well to maintain food and kitchen hygiene. For instance, if you don’t clean the limescale buildup in your kettle, it can affect the taste of your tea and coffee. Similarly, neglecting to clean your oven deep regularly can make your meals less hygienic, which isn’t suitable for your kitchen’s cleanliness.

Final Words

You do not need to clean your kitchen appliances deep every day or week. Yet, doing it at least once a month will ensure that they are well-maintained and are in the most hygienic condition possible. Are these 7 tips helpful? Let me know in the comment section below!

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