How to Keep Buttercream From Melting

How to Keep Buttercream From Melting

Talk about kitchen disasters, and your buttercream melting is a nightmare. Not only does it look bad, but it can also spoil the entire recipe preparation. Terror is when buttercream is softer than usual and trusts the heat for the rest of the job. Fat and butter are undoubtedly the only culprits here. Both of them are prone to be quickly affected by heat, and a large amount of moisture they contain leads to easy liquefaction. The charm and taste of buttercream are when it is stiff and holds its own until the moment it starts melting away.

Ways to Prevent Buttercream Melting

Using Sugar

You can use confectioner’s sugar or royal icing sugar. When adding more confectioner’s sugar, ideally, 3 to 6 times the amount of butter in terms of its volume, will aid the situation and avoid most disasters. Though it adds more stiffness to the butter and stays upright, it will also lead to crusting, which can be an issue.

In addition to the above solution, you can also add a small amount of icing sugar to add more stability to the icing. While there is no exact measurement for use, we recommend adding it in small quantities until the icing stiffens but does not start crusting.

Add More Vegetable Shortening

You can add vegetable shortening in a higher quantity when making the buttercream. It has a higher melting point than butter and does not affect the taste of the final preparation.

Add Corn Starch

Technically, the moisture in the butter causes the problem. So you can use corn starch to absorb it and solve the problem right away. Using two tablespoons of corn starch in 3 cups of icing will do the job wonderfully well.

Controlling Temperature

The kitchen area temperature can be high and can be a culprit. So the best way to correct the situation is to send the buttercream to the fridge until you need it. Do it whenever you do not need it, even during the preparation. Such little care will ensure the practice does not get spoilt.

You could shift your preparation to a room with some air conditioning. This will help cool down all the ingredients so that they are not affected by any heat.

Using Substitution

You can use Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Due to the ingredients that go in, the Swiss Meringue buttercream is more resistant to heat than the usual buttercream. It can hold its own quite well in hotter environments.

On the other hand, using fondant instead of buttercream isn’t a bad idea. This one is an alternative and not directly a solution. Fondant is usually quite thick, and even in a hot environment, it holds up quite well. Gelatine is the ingredient that makes it stable.

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Last Words

I hope the information mentioned above has been helpful for you. With a few tips, you can store your buttercream effectively. When you do it properly, the buttercream will be fresh and more perfect. Enjoy cooking!!

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