How to Cut Cabbage

How to Cut Cabbage

One can see cabbage in almost every kitchen. It comes from the brassica family, which also consists of other vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts. And it does not only come in green. There are many different colors and varieties of cabbages out in the market, such as red, Chinese cabbage, savoy, and napa. When cooked, cabbage gives a peppery and bitter taste; however, it also has a tinge of sweet taste. However, we will not talk about how to cook the cabbage, and our focus in this article will be how to cut the cabbage the perfect way.

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Benefits Of Cabbage

It does not matter which color and size you choose; the cabbage will always benefit you from a health perspective.

Though cabbage is low on calories, however, this does not end here. Cabbage is considered one of the vitamin-rich vegetables containing potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. Also, it helps in digestion as it contains fiber and antioxidants. Cabbage is also known to manage your cholesterol levels as it contains phytosterols, which help lower your cholesterol level.

Though all the cabbages are high on vitamins, you should know that red cabbage has higher vitamin C content than green ones if you are particular about certain vitamin types. 

Types Of Cabbages

The cabbage family is an extensive family of various types of cabbage of different colors and sizes. But we listed the famous and most extensively used cabbages in day-to-day life.

Savoy cabbage: The shape and size of this cabbage are the same as the green cabbage, but it looks more like a yellow cabbage than green due to its yellow textured leaves. This part is pretty tasteless as well.

Green cabbage: Green cabbage has darker green textured outer leaves and lighter or pale green inner leaves. This type of cabbage is found commonly in the vegetable market and is one of the widely consumed cabbages around the globe.

Napa cabbage: This rectangular-headed cabbage does not hold that much similarity to its counterpart. This cabbage variety belongs to the Chinese cabbage family, including cabbages such as choy sum and baby bok choy. Apart from having a soft texture, this cabbage is easy to cut and shred.

Red cabbage: Red cabbage is more vibrant in color than green cabbage though the shape and size are the same as green. It has outer leaves with a rich red-purple texture, while inner leaves look like white veins in color.

How To Cut A Cabbage

Requirement- A cutting chef knife, cabbage (of your choice), large chopping board, and kitchen towel (to keep the board still).

  1. Before starting the cutting process, wash and clean the cabbage thoroughly, and do not forget to remove the outer leaves, which are not in good shape and aren’t healthy to eat or damaged during packaging.
  2. Identify the cabbage’s bottom stem. Hold the stem in place and carefully make two halves by cutting down through it.
  3. Place the cabbage on the cutting board, facing the flat side downwards. Now, cut the cabbage in quarter halves.
  4. Cut out the thick core from each quarter. These dense cores are hard to chew. However, many also prepare dishes with the core of the cabbage in the varieties of stews and soups. Do not forget to keep the core intact, as it will help keep the other parts of the cabbage together.
  5. Now it is time to use your cutting skills. Using the chef’s knife, cut the quarter pieces into thin slices. For long slices, cut through the length, and for shorter slices, cut through the width of the cabbage.
cutting red cabbage
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How To Cut Cabbage – Mandolin as an Alternative Method.

If you are not a professional in cutting vegetables or are in a hurry to cut the cabbages to make a dish quickly, we suggest you use a mandolin.

Place the cabbage on the mandolin and make swiping movements to get the thickness of the desired size. Same as while cutting the cabbage using a knife, place the flat side down. 

To quickly shred the cabbage, move your hands swiftly, but also remember to take care of your hands while cutting as you can get your fingers cut.

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How To Make Wedges Out Of Cabbage

If you are planning to fry the cabbage for various recipes or need the wedges of cabbage for roasting purposes, you need to keep the stem of the cabbage and the core intact so that the leaves do not fall apart. 

Cut the end of the stem in a compact and well-groomed manner. After trimming the end, cut the cabbage in slices in the shape of a wedge.

Storing A Cabbage

To store the cabbages as a whole, you need to keep them in a plastic bag. You can store it for almost four to six days. At the same time, cut pieces can be stored in an air-tight container for only up to two to three days. Nevertheless, if the stored cabbage has salt in it, then it might reduce its shelf life. Also, remember that you should not wash cabbage until you have to put it to use.

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What’s Next After You Cut Cabbage

You can use the shredded cabbage in a dish or as a siding. Below is the list of few words in or with which you can serve cabbage:

Tacos: Cabbages are best with tacos as it adds crunchiness to it. Either add them as toppings in fish tacos or serve them with pico de gallo.

Soup: Cabbage soup is not only tasty, but it helps in losing weight.

Coleslaw: As the name coleslaw comes into your mind, it comes with terms creamy and crunchy. Coleslaw is one of the crunchiest and creamy salads, which is loved by many. And the cabbage gives it not only its crunchiness but also a spicy taste which goes well with cream.

Stir fry: Stir-fried cabbage served mixed with garlic, sesame oil, and chili paste turns out to be the most delicious snack for midnight cravings. You can even add fried eggs to add some taste.

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