How to cream butter?

What do you need to make your cakes and cookies soft, fluffy spongy?– Cream butter. Creaming butter is the first step of any cookie or cake making process. And when done right, it will give you the best results. And the best part of making your cream butter is that it only requires two ingredients: butter and sugar. You just have to mix them gradually with care and make the mixture more creamy and softer, and then you are done. 

However, it is easier said than done. Mixing these two ingredients requires skill and experience- not mixing less, not mixing more, or you will ruin it. But do not worry; we are here with our unique and easy-to-use procedures that will help guide you throughout the process of making cream butter.

How to Make a Butter Sugar Cream?

Butter Softening

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First, you need to start by softening butter for mixing it to get a good consistency. Keep the butter at room temperature for about ten minutes, and afterwards chop it into ¼ pieces. 

Although the room temperature of every place is different, it is advised to maintain it around 60 Degrees or nearby, as much increased temperature will affect the results of the baked goods. Also, we emphasize maintaining a specific temperature because if the butter is cold, it will not allow the butter to mix with the sugar later in the process and leave chunks of butter in the mixture.

To measure the temperature, we suggest you use a thermometer. But it is not a big deal if you do not have one. Just use your finger to check the butter’s softness, and if the finger leaves a mark, then it means that the butter is ready.

Nevertheless, if you see that the butter has started to melt, and is turning shiny, put it in the fridge for less than 5-10 minutes as melted butter is not an option for the creaming process.

Grating Butter

Yes, it is important to take out the butter well before moving to the melting process as it won’t mix thoroughly. Yet, if you forgot to do so, you can use a grater to scrape the butter, allowing it to melt quickly, saving you time. Also, do not feel bad if you once or twice forget to take the butter out early; everyone makes this mistake for quite some time. 

Melting The Butter In Microwave

Another option is to melt the butter is using a microwave. If you have a guest in-house or are in a hurry to make the cream butter for the cake, using the microwave to heat the butter is the best option. However, you have to be attentive while using a microwave, as overheating the butter can lead to butter melting.

The process to heat butter in microwave-

● Take out the butter from the fridge and cut it into equal pieces so that the butter pieces are evenly heated. Then, put the pieces in a bowl and heat it for 10 seconds, not more than that.

● After 10 seconds of heating, check whether the butter is ready to use. If the butter is still hard to mix, heat it for not more than 5 seconds.

Let the Mixing Begin 

Use a Mixer

Now comes the most crucial part of the process, i.e. mixing of butter and butter. You can use any mixer out of the two: a stand mixer or a hand-held mixer to mix the butter thoroughly.

We will start by putting the butter in a bowl and whisk it until it becomes creamy and soft.

Time To Add Sugar

Now add the sugar to the butter slowly and gradually. Adding the sugar slowly is necessary as it affects the creamy and soft nature of the mixture. In addition, it allows the sugar to diffuse with the butter well, and it will not leave any sorts of chunks in the mix.

We also suggest you use superfine sugar, as this will add consistency to the mixture by adding space for the introduction of air in the mix. It will also help give the mixture a more smooth and finer texture compared to granulated sugar.

Speed Up The Mixer

Start with slow or medium speed, then gradually increase the speed of the mixer depending on the type of mixture you are using. Here is our suggestion for mixture speed. If you are using a hand mixer, put it into the high-speed mode, and when using a stand mixer, medium speed will do; however, if needed, switching to high speed is also recommended. 

Apart from speed, keep in mind to shave the sides of the bowl so that if sugar or butter is stuck to the sides of the bowl, it can be removed and added to the mixture.

For How Long You Should Mix?

As you start mixing sugar and butter, the quantity of the mixture increases gradually. Not only the quantity but even the colour of the mix will also become light as you mix more and more. The mixture will become off-white colour-wise, and the quantity will increase to double the quantity of what was at the starting of the mixing process.

As the mixture reaches its perfect texture and colour, you will find that the mixture will look and feel like mayonnaise as it will have the same creamy and thick texture. 

Mixing will make the paste creamier and softer, but it does not mean that you must keep mixing it until the very end. Instead, mix it only until you find that the mixture is creamy and its colour texture is slightly off-white. Mixing it for more than 7 minutes will result in loss of air, due to which the final product will not get its fluffiness.

Use As Required

After getting the perfect creamy and thick mixture as desired, use it as paste on the cake or anything you love to treat your sweet tooth. You won’t regret it!

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