How To Chop Cabbage

How To Chop Cabbage

Cabbage is an essential part of many dishes like salad, soups, and curries, etc. This cheap leafy green comes in various colors and textures, including red, green, savoy, and Chinese cabbage. When sliced and cooked, it has a strong flavor with a faint bitterness and a trace of sweetness. Cutting the round or cylindrical head may appear frightening at first, but it’s pretty simple! Today I will give you a complete guide on how to chop cabbage.

Now break down the head of cabbage into halves and then wedges using this method.

green cut cabbage
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Method for Chopping Cabbage 

You require a giant cutting board, a kitchen towel to keep the board from moving, a steel knife, or a mandolin for rapid shreds for chopping cabbage.

  1. First of all, prepare the cabbage for cutting. Before cutting the cabbage, make sure it’s clean and dry. Hold the cabbage under running water to keep it cool. To eliminate dirt, bacteria, and pesticides, rub the cabbage with clean fingertips. You can rinse it in a salad spinner after shredding. Remove any damaged exterior leaves. Remove all the leaves that are discolored, slimy, or pocked with holes. The remaining exterior leaves are often rough, but you can use them.
  2. Now place the clean cabbage on the cutting board. Choose a stainless-steel knife with a long blade. It’s good to use stainless steel knife. Carbon steel knives will render the cut edges black, so avoid them.
  3. Identify the cabbage’s bottom stem. Hold the branch in place. Spread your fingers along the side of the cabbage as you hold it firmly against the cutting board. In one motion, cut through the center of the cabbage. Over a steady chopping board, quarter the cabbage. (Note: If you have seen any pests, it’s better to soak the cabbage in saltwater for 15-20 minutes. )
  4. A stiff, white stem can be present on any spherical cabbage (green, red, or Savoy). At the bottom of each of your cabbage slices, there will be a small portion of the white core. Get rid of the white core. Hold the piece vertically at the base to remove it from each quarter of the cabbage. In one diagonal cut, remove the core. If you want to grill or roast cabbage, you can do it now. But if you’re going to make soup, coleslaw, or any other cabbage dish, keep reading.
red cut cabbage
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How To Chop Cabbage – Additional Step

Slice your wedge of cabbage into thin strips along the horizontal edge, cut-side down. Continue with the remaining four wedges until you have a massive stack of cabbage strands. Well, if you want smaller strands of cabbage, split the strips in half horizontally at this point. As you cut the layers of cabbage apart, they will naturally fall apart into thinner strands, and you can also break them apart with your hands.

A mandolin slicer can use to shred. Inexperienced users should choose a model with hand protection because mandolin blades can be harmful.

Note: You can make short slices by cutting across the wedge, while more extended portions can be made by cutting along the wedge. 

How To Chop Long Cabbage 

Chinese cabbages are long or cylindrical. It comes in two types. One is Napa cabbage, and the other one is Bok choy.

  1. Rinse the cabbage and remove any wilted leaves from the cabbage. When cutting Bok choy, pull a little bit off the base and discard it. There is no need to chop the bottom of Napa cabbage.
  2. Place the cabbage on a stable chopping board. Cut the cabbage in half lengthwise. Using a broad, stainless steel knife, cut the cabbage stem through the center. Carbon steel knives should not use because they can leave black markings on the cabbage.
  3. With the claw position, hold half in place. The “claw” position will protect your fingertips from cuts when chopping any vegetable. Curl your fingers inward so that your knuckles are closest to the blade of the knife. Using a sharp knife, slit the leaves and stem. To create cabbage slices as thin or thick, cut across the width of each half. The leaves and stems of Napa cabbage and Bok choy are also tasty.

How to Store Cabbage? 

Leave the cabbage whole in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. Rub a lemon along the cut surface to avoid browning if you have more than you can cook in one sitting.

You can easily store it for 6 to 8 days in plastic or a plastic bag. It would be best not to wash cut cabbage until it is ready to be used in a dish.

How to Pick Cabbage for Chopping? 

A perfect cabbage has dark green leaves. If the cabbage has holes, you should not pick it. The edges of the outer leaves should be smooth, and it denotes that the cabbage is crisp and tasty. Choosing smaller or larger cabbage depends upon preferences. The smaller ones are sweeter, while the larger ones are slightly bitter.

Benefits of Cabbage

  • Cabbage contains Vitamin C, K, and a small amount of Vitamin A. It is rich in fibers and contains antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation.
  • Cabbage is particularly abundant in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that may help against heart disease, cancer, and vision loss.
  • It promotes regular bowel motions and maintains the digestive system.
  • Cabbage includes anthocyanin pigments, which reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Cabbage is also rich in potassium which helps to maintain blood pressure in a normal range.
fresh green cabbage
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How To Chop Cabbage – Conclusion

Chopping cabbage is a fun process. It may seem terrible to chop cabbage, but it is not difficult to know the proper technique. The usage of cabbage is widespread due to its benefits in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, one must know how to chop cabbage quickly at home. Now you have learned how to chop cabbage, not spend any more time, and get to work.

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