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Two in One – Garlic Salt

Garlic and salt are the two most popular seasonings in most recipes from around the world. Almost any savory meal or dish can be improved marginally by adding one or both spices, and most of the time, both together.

While garlic salt is a popular remedy, not all are created equal. Some are overly garlicky, while others are excessively salty. So, which one is the best?

The best one can vary depending on personal preference, but it should have a combination of salt and garlic flavors that is good but not intense. Many people would want to add items like chili, lemon, or parsley.

To bring out all ingredients’ flavors without overpowering your recipe with salt or garlic, you’ll need to strike the just-right balance between these two. We gave this issue a great deal of thought and came up with the top five garlic salts on the market.

We’ve listed all of the essential aspects of our top picks for your analysis to help you make the best option for your pantry.

What Exactly Is Garlic Salt?

It is a standard seasoning mix made by grinding garlic and adding salt to it. You can achieve the same effect, or something very close to it, by mixing your food with your favorite garlic and salt blend (dried or fresh).

However, adding a seasoning spice sprinkle rather than combining anything in your cupboard is actually faster and simpler.

Is Garlic Salt and Garlic Powder the Same Thing?

Garlic salt is not the same as garlic powder. It is a mix of dehydrated garlic and salt, as the name suggests.

A few manufacturers may slightly change their recipes using different types and salt-to-garlic ratios. They may also use their garlic salt with oil, sugar, maize starch, or any other ingredients. On the other side, garlic powder is simply finely ground garlic. It’s produced by dehydrating garlic and then grinding it into a powder. Because of the quantity of powder, garlic powder is very strong in flavor even when opposed to granulated garlic.

Dehydrated garlic clumps, which are pure garlic but have a far larger particle size than garlic powder, will be the following best equivalent.

Does It Contain Sodium?

Yes, all salt contains sodium, and garlic salt contains real salt. However, the amount of sodium in each mixture will differ. Each manufacturer has a particular salt-to-garlic ratio, and various sorts of salt have differing sodium levels.

If you’re monitoring your sodium intake, it’s always a good idea to double-check the nutritional details of the specific item you’re buying.

Is It True That It’s Iodized?

While some are iodized, others are not. It entirely depends on the characteristics of salt used in the mixture. The majority of table salt is iodized, while the majority of coarse salt and sea salts are not, though there are a few exceptions.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find iodized one, or garlic sea salt if you buy coarse grind or garlic sea salt. Also, some granular garlic salts are made with sea salt or un-iodized coarse salt, and the ingredients are simply ground into smaller particles. Unless the bottle explicitly specifies that it has iodine, you should typically presume that garlic salt is not iodized.

The Finest Garlic Salts Available

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the right combination of salt and garlic. To pick the ideal one for your money, we looked at the most popular brands and some of the most innovative and gourmet brands.

If you prefer sheer quantity or the quality of the ingredients, our list of the top 5 on the marketplace has an excellent choice for you.

McCormick Culinary Garlic Salt

In the spice market, McCormick is a well-known name. They have the best range of quality spices both in your local supermarket and online. McCormick is a tough competitor, so it’s no surprise that they offer not just this one but three fantastic garlic salt choices.

You may want to try these other McCormick blends:

  • Mix coarsely ground with parsley.
  • Black Pepper and Garlic Himalayan Pink Salt.

The Culinary mix is by far the most versatile and the one we’re concentrating on, but adding a smidgeon of parsley or black pepper, as they do in their other combinations, enhances the experience even more.

McCormick Culinary Garlic Salt
Photo from Amazon


  • The packet of 2.57 pounds will last a long time in your kitchen.
  • It’s kosher, and there’s no MSG in it.
  • The blend is consistent, free-flowing (non-caking), and simple to weigh.

The only flaw we might think of with this mix is that it comes in such a lovely, big size that you’ll probably use it in anything. Since this garlic ingredient is so simple to use and tasty, you can become overly dependent on it. So, when you’re enjoying this seasoning, keep an eye on your salt intake.

Lawry’s Garlic Salt

The McCormick family owns Lawry’s, which contributes to the high quality you’ll find in one of these lads.

It’s specifically designed for grilling and BBQs. Despite the fact that the blend is quite similar to a traditional McCormick spice, it has been specially formulated to for a meat rub or spice mix. It’s also fantastic in sauces or drizzled over some fresh, ripe cucumbers from the garden.

If the larger 2+ pound tub is too much for you, Lawry’s mix is also available in a 2-pack of 6 oz tumblers.

Lawry's Garlic Salt
Photo from Amazon


  • This container is ideal for experienced chefs and successful home cooks, weighing in at 2.06 pounds.
  • A hint of parsley is applied to the mix.
  • Marinades and rubs benefit from the coarse grind.

You don’t want to bother with the different “labels” because it’s basically the same mixture and formula as McCormick’s Coarse Grind with Parsely. However, you can rest assured that it’ll be just as lovely.

Morton’s Sea Salt & Garlic

Morton, like McCormick, is a well-known, iconic culinary salt brand, so it’s no surprise that their mix will make this list. This classic option only got better with a touch of parsley.

This product emblem of a little girl holding an umbrella is so well-known that you’ve had Morton’s salt in your cupboard for years. Morton’s comes in smaller packets, which is perfect if you only want to put one in the closet, but you can also buy singles, sets of 2, 3, or even four, which helps with flexibility.

Morton's Sea Salt & Garlic
Photo from Amazon

Sea Salt & Garlic Features

  • The storage of the 8.5-ounce shaker container(s) is easy.
  • Contains a touch of parsley and 100 percent sea salt.
  • Morton’s is a well-known and dependable brand.

This blend contains sugar, which can positively affect some dishes’ flavors and is also a massive downside for many people who are trying to remove sugar added from their intakes.

It also contains hydrogenated fats oil, which is an element that many people avoid. However, if these don’t bother you, the taste is terrific.

Organic Garlic Himalayan Salt – San Francisco Salt Company

When it comes to inventive and gourmet culinary salts, the San Francisco Salt Corporation is a sort of an American legend. They have organic sea salt in a variety of flavors, from cherry smoking to black truffle. With these on your countertop, you’re sure to impress your friends and family.

Their mix contains just the right amount of garlic to complement every recipe’s subtly flavored salt, and as a very fine grain, it dissolves completely, even as a salt.

Organic Garlic Himalayan Salt – San Francisco Salt Company
Photo from Amazon

Organic Garlic Himalayan Salt Features

  • At the very least, the 2-pound pack will keep this ingredient eating habit going for months.
  • To keep the mixture free-flowing, only three high-quality ingredients are used: salt, garlic, and natural rice concentrate.
  • This is kosher-approved and made of 100 percent natural Sherpa pink Himalayan salt.

Fine dining sea salt and associated seasonings are not always budgetary for everyone. However, you get high-quality with this brand, so it is good money that you spend on your spice cupboard.

Kinder’s Organic Roasted Garlic Salt

Kinder’s is renowned for using only the purest, highest-quality blends in their spice mixes and then breaking the boundaries of what is deemed natural.

Why settle for simple garlic when woodfired or smoked garlic is available?

Roasted garlic gives a whole new level of flavor, but even that is boosted by the addition of hardwood fumes. It’s a totally new take on a traditional spice mix that’s utterly indispensable in the right formula.

Kinder's Organic Roasted Garlic Salt
Photo from Amazon


  • The 4 oz bottle is thin, but it’s jam-packed with flavor.
  • Sea salt, roasted garlic, and hardwood smoke are used in this recipe.
  • This is among the few mixtures which contain real dehydrated garlic.

Depending on the individual’s flavor and texture preferences, this can create a true love-it-or-hate-it dilemma, making it either one of the perfect or worst features of a product.

How to Make Garlic Salt At Home?

If you don’t like spending your money on buying one of the products mentioned above, here is an easy method to make this ingredient mix at home.


  • Kosher salt or table salt.
  • Granulated garlic or garlic powder.
  • Dried parsley as per preference.


  • Combine three portions of salt and one portion of garlic in a bowl. Use granulated garlic, kosher salt for the coarse blend.
  • Used the table salt and garlic powder if you prefer a smooth blend.
  • 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) is made as follows: Combine 3 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp garlic in a small mixing bowl.
  • To prepare a single cup: Mix 3/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup garlic in a mixing bowl.
  • Keep it in an airtight jar.
  • Please note what it is so you can identify it the next time you see it in your cupboard.

California-Style Recipe

Dried parsley is used in some popular blends. Simply add one component parsley to the blend if you want to include it in your collection.

Do you have a go-to herb? Try mixing it in. Rosemary will add a beautiful fragrance and flavor.

How to Make It With Minced Garlic?

If you don’t have any dehydrated garlic powder or finely ground one, you can make a fast mixture of garlic salt with minced garlic.

  • Mix 3/4 teaspoon salt and two minced garlic cloves to make one teaspoon.

To make one Tablespoon, combine the following ingredients in a small mixing bowl.

  • Combine 2-1/4 teaspoon salt and six minced garlic cloves in a mixing bowl.

It would be best if you use it right away. Because it’s made from fresh garlic, it won’t last for long.

How to Prepare It From Fresh Garlic?

Do you grow your organic garlic or have an ample fresh supply of garlic? Create your perfect mix from the start with some of it. It’s simple.

  • Simply peel 1/2 cup cloves of garlic.
  • Then, with one cup of salt, blend them in a food processor.
  • Pulse the mixture until it’s the texture of wet sand and the garlic is minced.
  • Put the mixture on a baker’s sheet, then dry it for an hour in an oven of 175 degrees or until it is dry.

Move the mix to a clean food processor and pulse until the texture satisfies you. After that, please put it in an airtight jar.

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