Frozen Fries in Air Fryer


Who doesn’t like a good serving of french fries served with tangy ketchup or mint sauce. French fries are pretty famous among young kids and even adults as it is considered an easy side dish that everyone loves to have. But making them in the microwave sometimes results in uneven cooking of french fries. What if we tell you there’s a quicker, simple way to make your favorite french fries more delicious, hot, and crispy? The answer is Air fryer, yes! You heard it right. Air fryers are the seamless electronic appliance for making your french fries perfectly crisp within no time as compared to the microwave.

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Why Make Your Frozen French Fries In Air Fryer?

  • Much healthier french fries with the same taste as deep-fried french fries.
  • Why wait for your favorite french fries? It only takes 15 minutes, boom! Your french fries are ready.
  • No additional edible oil is required.
  • You will get crispier and evenly fried french fries as compared to the oven.

Air fryers have fast-forwarded the way we cook and fry many things now. Be it chicken, pizza, or steak. It helps in making food faster, healthier, and so much tasty as compared to the oven.

You must be thinking why we have not mentioned Frozen french fries in the list of things in the above paragraph. It’s because we have a special recipe with which you can make frozen fries in the air fryer with the same taste and texture as fried french fries. 

Ingredients we need to make frozen french fries in the air fryer.

Keeping it simple, there are not too many ingredients to be added to this simple recipe. Just pick your favorite frozen french fries. Tip: keep extra bags of your frozen french fries in the freezer as you will going to use them more often for this recipe.


Salt to Taste: Only use season salt here and add it according to your requirement.

Olive Oil aTo Spray: Spray with olive oil to make the salt adhere to the flames.

Frozen French Fries:  You only need a 16 oz bag of frozen French fries. You’ll have to cook them in batches if you have a larger bag(trust us to keep a larger bag as you won’t regret it later).

Put your frozen fries in the air fryer, and boom, they will be ready in few minutes. It’s a time saver as well as a meal saver. Your favorite frozen fries will be on the table as a tangy and delicious side dish.

Steps to follow

  • Put your favorite frozen fries in the basket of your air fryer.
  • Season it with a light spray of olive oil and sprinkle a pinch of salt to taste.
  • Air fry your frozen fries at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Then, for 5-8 minutes, cook and give the basket a good shake. Shake your air fry basket steadily. You can also continue to shake them till the very end (as you like them). But keep an eye on this as it can burn your hand too.

Ideas For Seasoning

The Frozen french fries you choose and pick are already partially cooked, seasoned, and coated in oil, so you don’t have to put seasoning on them. However, we advise you to add some extra flavor after cooking. Here are a few options:

  • You can use regular salt, Himalayan salt, sea salt, or seasoned salt. The finer the salt, the more it adheres to the surface.
  • For added spice, use cayenne pepper or chipotle powder.
  • Cajun seasoning is a savory seasoning with a hint of heat.
  • Add pepper as we like a little zing on our fries!
  • Finally, add a lot of flavor with garlic or onion powder.

How to Serve Frozen fries from Air Fryer

These frozen french fries will be in your stomach within minutes as you get them out of the basket. But, they will be so tempting, crispy that you will resist having them lately. Ketchup is the original and authentic sauce that is still served with the french fries, but you can use other sauces to dip these air fryer fries. Here is the list of sauces that can be served best with french fries.

Fry Sauce: This incredible sauce was explicitly created for use with french fries. It’s like a more sophisticated version of ketchup, and it’s delicious. It’s amazing!

Cheese Sauce: Drizzle a creamy, add cheesy sauce over the crispy french fries from the air fryer, and it will blow your socks off!.

Ranch Dressing: As we saythis sauce makes  Anything, and everything tastes better.

Yum Yum Sauce: It is a light, sweet, and tangy condiment. This is an outstanding choice for french fries.

Make your own sauce: You can make your own tasty and unique sauce and mix your favorite spices with mayo and ketchup(both in small quantities). You can also make a spicy western sauce to dip your fries. Simply mix the ketchup and mayo with the best-tasting agents like onion powder, garlic powder, and chipotle chili powder and let the taste of your sauce and crispness of the fries melt you away.

Should you reheat the fries?

Many of us have doubts whether the fries should be reheated once after they are air-fried? Will it impact the taste and crispiness of fries.

The answer is yes. You can preheat the leftover french fries by just following the steps mentioned below-

  • Put the leftover fries in the basket but try not to fill it more than half, and also don’t forget to preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Shake them for around 3-4 minutes, reheat the french fries, and make sure not to burn yourself.

Fries of various styles

Fries come in various shapes and sizes so that they can cook differently. Here are some excellent options to have. 

Lattice Cut Fries-They just need 10-11 minutes in an air fryer. 

Shoestring Fries-It only takes around 8-10 minutes to make them in an air fryer.

Crinkle-Cut/Waffle– Fry them in your air fryer for about 10-11 minutes.

Sweet Potato Fries-It takes around 16 minutes to fry them in an air fryer. 

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