Fast School Lunches for Busy Parents

fast school lunches for busy parents

Fast school lunches can take the pressure off when you are stuck for time, and they are easy, versatile, and use up leftovers. From filling wraps with what you have lying around to making fun stick finger food, here are a few quick and easy ideas that the kids will love.

Leftover Chicken Meals

Chicken is fantastic as a family food because it is cheap, goes a long way, and can be used in many ways. Also, there is almost always some leftover chicken from a midweek chicken meal or Sunday roast. A leftover chicken and mayo salad sandwich for Monday is heaven when done right. And if you are still trying to decide what to include in a leftover chicken meal, grab a chicken salad kit from the cupboard and jazz up your child’s lunch kit for something they weren’t expecting.

Tasty Wraps, Of Course

One of the most convenient food items is wraps. Wraps are unique because they are like sandwiches but much more convenient. They are sturdy for a start. Where bread would lose all molecular integrity, a wrap can hold moisture, so you are more open about what you can spoon into a wrap. This makes them excellent for leftovers. But you can also include freshly sliced foods and meats such as ham and cheese or chicken and avocado with spicy sauces.

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Fast School Lunches Includes Sandwiches

Of course, there are always good old sandwiches. Sandwiches are one of the most widely consumed lunches in the world, with over 300 million eaten per day in the US alone. And the great thing about these is that you can try limitless options and combos with hardly any effort. The different types of bread alone can take the standard filling and make it awesome. You can also get the kids to fill their own or toast the bread.

Finger Food on Sticks

Sticks. Food. Why not? This is great fun for the kids but easy to prepare, especially if you have an eclectic assortment of ingredients. Got some grapes lying around? Bang them on with some cheese and red pepper. Or you can go for classic combos like ham and cheese, turkey and lettuce, or even pizza ingredients such as pepperoni, tomatoes, and mozzarella. The sky’s the limit. Well, not really. What you have available is.

Healthy Pasta Salads

Like chicken, pasta is versatile because you can put anything into it. And once you have cooked it, which only takes about 10 minutes, you can easily use leftovers or prepare healthy meals in one pot. Pasta salads are popular because you can use healthy ingredients without feeling hungry after eating. This is vital for the kids so they don’t resort to unhealthy snacks while you aren’t looking. They are almost always just as delicious cold too.


Leftover chicken is one of the most straightforward ingredients for fast school lunches. Yet sandwiches reign supreme. However, pasta salads are an excellent healthy alternative. Let me know if these suggestions are helpful enough to prepare good meals for your children! 

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