Egg Substitute For Jiffy Cornbread

Egg Substitute For Jiffy Cornbread

Cornbread is a prevalent form of bread, especially in the US, because of its simple recipe, readily available ingredient list, and fast-to-make. It can also be changed to taste either sweet or savory apart from its usual natural taste, which makes it an exciting variation on the table. Typical cornbread recipes involve flour, some butter to help it give some rich taste, sugar, salt, eggs for binding, and baking powder. Some people also add buttermilk to make it savory. Yellow cornmeal gives it a nice slight yellow color that becomes golden after baking. The result is a nice flavorful, rich bread with a grainy texture. It all goes well together, and that’s why it is so popular.
Substituting eggs would be dietary restrictions, lifestyle restrictions, or just that eggs are unavailable. Sometimes people adopt a vegan lifestyle, so they cannot consume eggs anymore. Today we will present you with a few suitable substitutes for eggs in cornbread which will save you the day.

Chia Gel/Chia Eggs as an Egg Substitute For Jiffy Cornbread

Chia Eggs are a superb alternative for those who have changed to vegan. That’s the best advantage. Another significant one is that they have an almost neutral taste and flavor when used in the recipe and so they will not alter the original taste. The authentic taste of cornbread is fantastic, and any deviation would be instantly noticeable, and you may not appreciate it. The process of making the gel is straightforward. Just mix one tablespoon of chia seeds in 2 – 3 tablespoons of water and mix them well. Let this mix sit for a few minutes, during which it will thicken. You can increase the amount you need as this is the primary ratio of the recipe.

Flax Seed Gel/Flax Egg

Flax seeds are another option, just like chia seeds. For the same reason, almost neutral flavor apart from easy availability. However, the flax seeds have a slightly nutty flavor, and you will be able to taste them when you eat the cornbread. However, thisEgg Substitute For Jiffy Cornbread’s nutty taste goes very well with cornbread and will be even more appealing. You will have to ground the flax seeds in a fine powder to use them effectively. Then mix one tablespoon of this powder with 2 – 3 tablespoons of water. Mix the content well. The mix should be perfectly consistent, not overly thick or runny.

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Overripe Bananas

This ingredient may seem a completely different alternative, one that you may not have seen coming. But yes, it’s a viable alternative and easy to use. It is used here because the overripe bananas have the same consistency and thickness needed to replace the eggs. It’s also vegan and imparts a sweet flavor when planning to make sweet cornbread. The only downside is that the cornbread will essentially turn into a fruit bread with a distinct banana flavor. So if you are ok with it, you can proceed with the use. The overripe bananas must be completely soft and must be mashed before use so that it becomes a pulp and can mix well with other contents in the cornbread recipe.

Yogurt as an Egg Substitute For Jiffy Cornbread

Yogurt is another perfect replacement. While not being vegan, it goes well with the recipe. You can add sugar to it to make a sweet cornbread. Leave the yogurt outside for a few hours to turn sour to make it acidic. Just use approximately 60 grams of yogurt for every egg as a replacement measure.

That’s it. I hope the information in the article has been helpful. All the options we have listed today are easy to find and use in the kitchen. It is up to you, which one you find best and can use.

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