Cooking with stainless steel

You’ve probably come across stainless steel multiple times in your life. Almost everything is made out of this metal, from the smallest screw to your kitchen stove, and why not? 

Stainless steel is a group of steel alloys with high percent chromium and low carbon. They are significantly more resistant to corrosion and heat. The discovery of this material has kind of a rocky history- but it made its way to the US sometime at the beginning of the 20th century. 

At first, it was only reserved for the high class, as it was quite expensive. A lot of the stainless steel sold wasn’t used for cooking or dining- that is until the 1950s and 1960s, where it became affordable to produce massive quantities of stainless steel for relatively cheap. Since then, it has been ever-present in American homes. 

In most cases, stainless steel is used for cutlery and for tools such as spatulas. The best use of this steel is, without a doubt, cookware. The benefits and uses of it are so great that it’s one of the most popular materials all over the world. Here, we’ll talk about a few reasons why stainless steel is a great choice. Then, we’ll go into more detail as to the properties of it. 

stainless steel cookware
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Why Stainless Steel?

It’s recyclable

The big eco surprise here: this steel is almost 100% recyclable. That means that after you’re done with your pot or pan (if ever!), they will get recycled and made into new tools. 

In fact, it’s possible that the ones you own are already made from recycled stainless steel! So it’s actually double eco-friendly. Who knew being green was so effortless? 

No seasoning required

Although there are people who do season this steel, it doesn’t really affect the material all that much. It doesn’t need to be seasoned as it is supposed to keep working perfectly without the need for extra coating. 

But, on the other hand, you can definitely give your stainless steel tools a boost by seasoning them along with your skillet. 

The good part is that you can have it both ways: whether you’re the kind of person who hates seasoning their tools or loves to do it, this steel is the right choice. 


Stainless steel can do it all. It’s great for cooking all sorts of things. What that means is that it can work the same way a skillet does- or the same way non-stick material does. 

Basically, it can do anything from sautéeing to deep-frying. You can make soup or stew in it. It works wonders for basically anything, and there really aren’t any forbidden foods or big no-nos as there are with cast iron skillet, for example. 

Because of how resistant to corrosion skillets are, you don’t need to stay away from things like acidic food and so on. So there’s no need to hold back! 

Benefits of Stainless Steel

A most sanitary material

There’s a reason why this steel is the one used by surgeons. It prevents bacterial growth. It acts as a deterrent for bacteria, mold, and so on.(Of course, there’s a different grade of steel for surgery and for cooking!)

That means that this material is incredibly clean and will not become overrun by bacteria. Since we’re talking about a tool that will most definitely have food sitting in there for some time, that means that stainless steel is probably the most convenient of all materials for cooking. It quite simply avoids fermentation, formation of mold, slows decomposition, and so on. 

It’s very resilient

Before stainless steel took over, most cooking tools were made of cast iron. And don’t get us wrong- we love our cast iron skillet, and they work phenomenally. But cast iron is incredibly high-maintenance: the moment you forget to take proper care of it, it will start to rust- which can be visible in under a day. It will corrode slowly if you let it rust for more than a few days.

Stainless steel, though? It takes care of itself. It never rusts, no matter how long you leave it wet. It’s incredibly resistant to rust and corrosion. In this respect, it is a thousand times more convenient than cast iron or other materials simply because it requires very little effort to keep it in good condition. 

Very resistant

The actual reason why stainless steel was created? The need for a more resistant, durable material. And we got exactly that: this steel is several times more tough and resistant than most materials of the same weight. A light stainless steel tool is able to resist impacts, force, and weight before showing any sign of damage. 

Besides, this steel is incredibly resistant to heat- which is why it’s ideal for cooking in the first place. 


Last but not least, it’s worth talking about how stainless steel always seems to be in fashion. No matter how much time passes, it is always associated with the best-looking tools and appliances in your kitchen. 

Just think of coffee machines or any other such tools. Stainless steel is shiny, and because it’s so easy to clean, it always gives off a vibe of cleanliness and general pulchritude. 


There are many good reasons why stainless steel is a great choice for cooking. It’s not just practical to cook with it: it’s also shown to make your cooking more convenient. 

But no matter how many reasons we give you, you are the one who has to think about it. In this article, we make a good point in favor of stainless steel, but it all really comes down to what you need in your kitchen. And more importantly, it is how it works for you: it’s a good idea to try stainless steel cookware before you buy it. See how it feels, what kind of experience you have when cooking with it. 

In the end, an informed decision is best! Good luck! 

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