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Every day is a good day for getting yourself a cooking apron. Whether you already have one, two, or none aprons at all, a cooking apron is an oft underrated or overlooked tool that can make your life much easier. But why? Why you should have it?

In our team, we’ve got tons of different cooks. Some of us cook every day, some only every other day, while others cook mostly on the weekends. One thing we all have in common: we swear by our cooking aprons. The story is always the same: we never thought about it until one day you either buy one on an impulse or buy it because someone recommended it to you. And then your life is transformed! 

A cooking apron isn’t just a piece of clothing. It isn’t a uniform that lets people know you’re a chef: it’s a tool. A very valuable tool. Just think of firefighters: their suits are designed to be extremely resistant to tears as well as to be heat and fireproof. Divers, for example, use suits that are resistant to cold, let them move better underwater and have incorporated tools such as a breathing device. 

Well, cooking aprons are the same: they are there for their utility, practicality, and convenience. They will shield you from food stains and protect you from burns. They also offer convenient pockets to keep tools. That is the one single thing that completely transforms the way you cook. 

But enough talking about it. It’s better if you try it for yourself- and see just how important cooking aprons are. 

We’ve gone through many of the best-rated cooking aprons there are and selected the ones we considered the very best ones.

dirty cooking apron
Dirty cooking apron

NLUS cooking aprons (two-pack)

To start with, we’re going with this amazing two-pack of bib aprons that are just absolutely classic. This set of two bib aprons- one of them white with horizontal brown stripes, the other identical but navy blue with white stripes. 

Both are a neutral set of colors that can easily fit in in most cooking-related environments- barbecues, brunch. You name it! 

They’ve got an adjustable neck strap which is very convenient and makes it very comfortable to use. Besides that, they got two pockets right in the middle. The pockets are wide and have a lot of space to fit whatever you might need- you’re probably never gonna run out of space there. 

They’re 60% cotton and 40% polyester, making them soft to the touch but still giving them a certain stretchiness and malleability that can come in quite handy. Kitchen work needs flexible clothing! 

Will Well adjustable apron

This one’s a little less casual. All-black and, dare we say, quite fashionable, the Will Well turns you instantly into a mysterious, classy chef. The design and fit make for a great unisex choice that can be worn by anybody in the family. 

100% premium polyester, the Will Well apron is made to be very resistant to wear and tear. It might not be as comfortable to wear like cotton, but it definitely is much more resilient, and that’s exactly what we need! 

This apron features a very big square-shaped pocket that is incredibly spacious. 

It comes individually and can also be purchased in a two-pack for cheaper than buying two of them separately! 

LessMo Bib Apron

The very antithesis of the previous apron. The LessMo isn’t minimal, neutral- it actually has a very defined, unique personality. Though it comes in a lot of different colors, we’ve chosen the pink one because it really pops and makes this apron quite unique and different from any other on our list. 

The pattern makes it look very cute, almost like a dress. It’s got two pockets, one of which is smaller than the second, something that can be very convenient when you have to keep things compartmentalized (we actually quite like this instead of just one big pocket). 

The material isn’t spelled out by the manufacturer, but it does seem to be mostly cotton: comfortable, soft to the touch, easy to wash. 

Syntus adjustable bib aprons (two pack)

The Syntus aprons are the kind of reliable, resistant apron that you want in a very busy environment. Though they do have a look more like they should be used by waiters, there’s really no practical distinction. An apron is an apron. 

Back to black, made entirely out of very resistant, durable polyester. It features two large pockets and comes with an easily adjustable neck strap. 

It comes in a one-fits-all size, although there are twelve different colors in total that you can choose from. Fun! 

ARAWAK BRAVE professional cooking apron

A more professional-quality apron: first of all, this one’s got two shoulder straps instead of one neck strap. This is quite appreciated as aprons with neck straps can leave light marks or can easily irritate the skin depending on how much you use them. 

All in all, the ARAWAK apron has four pockets- a chest pocket and a large pocket with three different compartments: one large, one medium, and one small. Incredibly useful! 

A fun feature is also the headphone loop. It is designed to fit small or in-ear headphones so that they have extra support. No more earphones falling out while you cook- you don’t even need to touch them if they fall, as the loop will keep them in place until you’re able to wash your hands first! 

Carrotez Chef apron

Super high-quality apron made from eco-leather that is flexible and incredibly more durable than cotton or polyester while still being relatively cheap! 

It comes in several different colors, and they all look very good. We are partial to black and grey. They don’t look flat but rather have a certain texture and feel, which make them much more good-looking than other aprons on this list. 

It’s got three (double-stitched) pockets: a chest pocket and a bottom one which is separated in two.

Overall it looks better, and it’s higher quality than all on the list, but the pockets are rather basic and don’t really compare to the ARAWAK. Still a great choice for its value and probably the best looking apron you’ll ever find! 

Funny Aprons

Practical aprons are great, but sometimes we like to cook with an audience or simply have some casual fun. Here’s a list of some of our favorite funny aprons for you to make your guests laugh: 

 That’s what I do: I cook and I know things.

This sh*t is going to be delicious.

If you’re reading this… bring me a beer.

Your opinion wasn’t in the recipe.

Hot stuff coming through (and I don’t mean the food)

dark green cooking apron
Dark green cooking apron


As you can see, there’s plenty of aprons to choose from- and they come in all sorts of forms. You’ve got basic aprons, aficionado-style aprons, and even professional ones. You can even get one of those super funny aprons! 

No matter which one you choose, there’s one thing we are certain about: you will completely love it, and it will totally transform the way you cook. Go ahead and choose the one you like best, try it, and see if you don’t just find cooking much easier and less cumbersome than before. Aprons are the best! 

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