What Is Butter Extract? – How To Make Butter Extract

What Is Butter Extract? - How To Make Butter Extract

Butter extract is exactly what it says. It is an extract of butter that has all the properties of the butter, including taste, flavor, and aroma. Butter has a unique aroma and smells lovely when heated. This aroma is strikingly evident in baked recipes where the preparation has a golden crusty finish and a rich taste.

Butter and other extracts, e.g., Vanilla, Pineapple, etc., can be available at the store. These extracts taste and smell absolutely the same as the original ingredient they replace. However, these extracts are usually manufactured using chemicals and may not have organic extract. Artificial extracts are safe for consumption but are not a healthy choice. This brings us to homemade versions and their recipes. People also use butter extract when they have diet and lifestyle restrictions too. If calories are your primary concern, you can make a homemade butter extract in no time. The benefits of homemade versions far outweigh those of store-bought ones. You have control over the quality of ingredients used, and you can also customize them to your tastes.

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How to Make Butter Extract

The extract is made by extracting a part of the original ingredient and then diluting them in alcohol. The taste infuses the alcohol, and the original component can be removed. This is the way people make all extracts. Store-bought sections can be manufactured with water giving them a thinner consistency and affecting the taste. Flavorings can be sold as extracts and vice versa in stores, which is wrong. Today, we have brought you the best way to make a butter extract at home in no time at all. This recipe will give you the perfect taste of butter while saving a ton of calories and last you a long time. So let’s start.


  • Plain unsalted butter – 1/3rd cup
  • Cheesecloth/ coffee filter – 1 no.
  • Vodka – 1 cup


  1. Collect the butter in a large enough saucepan. Pour all the vodka into the saucepan and use a stirring spoon to mix them well.
  2. Place the saucepan over low heat. Let the mixture heat up together. The intense heat is essential to ensure the two ingredients mix well while the alcohol does not evaporate. Let this sit on low heat for about 5 minutes only.
  3. The next step is infusing, where both the ingredients have to invest well together. Investing is a long process cover the saucepan and let the mix sit at room temperature for 5 – 6 hours minimum.
  4. Transfer the mix to a bowl or air-tight container and send it to the freezer overnight. Freezing the mix will ensure the fat in the butter infuses all the flavor into the alcohol in the vodka. The fat layer will then separate itself into a new layer. You will see this the following day.
  5. We all know that vodka and alcohol do not freeze so quickly. When you check the mix in the morning, the fat layer will become hard and separate itself from the vodka. We have to separate these two layers now.
  6. Quick extraction process:
    1. Use a strainer to strain the mixture. Remove all the hardened fat from the mix and ensure the filter remove residue.
    2. You will have to do this quickly, or the fat will melt and mix with vodka again.
    3. Straining with cheesecloth is most recommended as it will strain out everything apart from the vodka.
  7. Long extraction process: There is a long infusion process related to the extraction. For the flavor to completely infuse, you should store it for about 5 – 6 weeks. In this process, you retain all the ingredients and just let them sit in the fridge for an extended period.
  8. Your butter extract is now ready. Pour the butter extract you have obtained into a bottle. Send this to the fridge immediately. The butter extract will last you a long time if you follow all the steps we have given. It will retain its freshness, aroma, and taste until it evaporates.
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Storing Butter Extract

The butter extract will easily last forever, but we are sure you will have used it up in a few months. If you have regular use of butter extract, use 2 or 3 times the quantities we have shared. Butter extract will never go wrong until you keep it in an air-tight container or bottle.

How and Where to Use Butter Extract?

This butter extract can be used to replace butter in all recipes, and vice versa. The dilution helps you use less of the butter extract while still retaining its desired effect. Butter, as we know, makes things richer, if not creamier or exotic. It has a unique earthy, rich taste that gives a sparkling taste to any recipe. Your bakes will never have that superb flavor until you use butter. To save even more on calories, you can brush the outer surface of the preparation instead of using it in the dough. It would have a similar effect. You will get a nice crispy exterior and rich, soft interiors with a buttery flavor. Butter extract can be used in pancakes, pies, cookies, waffles, etc.

This butter extract is so healthy that you can also add it to soups, stews, stir-fries, vegetables, etc., to give the preparation a rich flavor. The extract is so healthy that you may start using it more than you do now.

Please note: 

  • Butter comes from milk, so it is not vegan. However, it is gluten-free and very healthy when used in limited quantities.
  • We use vodka, but you will not taste or smell it in the extract. Once the section is made, you will not be able to taste the vodka in it. The alcohol burns off or evaporates even when used in recipes, leaving behind no traces.
  • You can replace vodka with bourbon, which will leave a slight hint of its taste and flavor.
  • Try storing in amber-colored bottles as they block light.

Final Words

The best part of your recipe is that it stimulates the taste of real butter and does not pack any resins, preservatives, compounds, or even other oils. This butter extract will be healthier, better, and purer than all the store-bought extracts or flavorings. Thus this recipe retains the pure taste of butter.

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