Butter Extract Substitute

Butter Extract Substitute

Butter extract is an extract of pure butter. Interestingly butter extract is also a substitute for butter when it’s unavailable. Butter extract has all the properties of butter, without the fats and unnecessary calories. Butter extract smells and tastes the same as butter, and that’s why it is so popular with health food experts and dieticians. Even otherwise, Butter extract is used in recipes that already have oil and want to do away with any more fats.

Butter extract can be conveniently store-bought or even made at home. However, there are times when you would be out of butter extract, or it’s simply out of stock in the stores. There are also times when the butter extract you have is not enough for the recipe. At this time, you would be desperately searching for alternatives that can mimic the taste and flavor of butter extract. To help you out, we have presented below a range of options that can be used to substitute butter extract. Let us get started.

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Real Butter

The option of real butter is at the top of our list and is also a no-brainer. Butter and butter extract are interchangeable. So if one is not available, you can use the other in an emergency. And butter is almost always available in most homes. Using real butter will ensure you will save the recipe and the day. Salted and unsalted butter can be used for the purpose, though salted ones have a better flavor.

Surprisingly, there is no measure for the substitution, so you will have to use your best judgment. The taste and flavor of butter extract depend on its concentration, which is especially hard to judge if it is homemade. Just forget all measures and use your kitchen judgment to get the job done. Use in small amounts to ensure you do not overdo it. A lot of butter also spoils the taste. The amount of butter in the recipe has to be just right. However, this option is non-vegan, and you will have to look for other vegan options.

Almond Extract

While not a perfect substitute for butter extract, the almond extract does the job well in an emergency. Almond exhibits earthy and nutty flavors compared to the butter extract’s salty, sweet, and buttery flavor. Almond extract offers a different type of richness and flavor to the recipe. While this taste may not be for all, it is usually well accepted. It is readily available in all convenience stores, though at a much higher price point, which takes it off your budget. The substitution ratio for almond extract will be exactly 1:1 when substituting butter extract.

Almond Butter

If we can use almond extract, we can consider almond butter, which exhibits the same beautiful properties. Almond butter will taste and smell just like its extract. However, it will also be thick and buttery, giving that crucial flavor profile missing in almond extract. Your preparations will come out fantastic with almond butter. The only downside is almond butter has a thick consistency, like peanut butter. Therefore almond butter cannot be used easily in recipes like custards. However, it is excellent for baking recipes. There is no substitution ratio like real butter, and you will have to use your best judgment. Do ensure to use it a little less than required so that the nutty flavors do not overpower the final taste of the recipe.

Vanilla Extract

Like real butter, vanilla extract is one you will find in most homes by default. This extract is used in various recipes, and so many families always have one in their fridge. In addition, baking recipes usually include the use of vanilla extract. Just like almond extract, the taste and flavor are different. Vanilla extract exhibits its characteristic richness of flavor and aroma. However, an extract is used in a recipe to add an extra dimension to the taste and flavor. So, vanilla extract will work well as a substitute. To take one level up, use it with real butter to get that extra bit of richness and variety of taste. The substitution ratio for vanilla extract will be exactly 1:1 when substituting butter extract.

Olive Oil

This is an unlikely entry, but olive oil made it to the list because it will add richness and a very subtle flavor. Olive oil is regularly used in baking recipes, so it is not entirely new. Olive oil is just going to get the job done and nothing else, so its not high up on our recommendation list. However, it’s a great alternative if nothing else is available.

Canola Oil

Canola oil made it to the list for the same reason as olive oil. It has a neutral taste that you will not even recognize in recipes. It will add some richness to the recipe and just that. Use it only as a last resort.

Please note: There is no substitution ratio for both Olive and Canola oil. Just use it in small quantities. You can also consider using Sunflower oil and soybean oil as substitutes.

Greek Yogurt

Today, Greek yogurt is one of the most unlikely items on our substitution list. The yogurt will add richness and creaminess to your preparations which will come out tasting even better. It works in recipes that need a hint of sweet and tangy flavors. When used in cakes, they will remain moist and taste fresher.

Apple Sauce

If you are looking for a vegan substitute, your search is over. Apple sauce has a unique fruity and sweet taste that goes exceptionally well with preparations like cakes, cupcakes, and desserts. When replacing it with butter extract, you will have to substitute it in a 4:1 ratio.

Final Words

An extract is often used in a recipe to mimic some taste of an original ingredient, like lemon, pineapple, mango, vanilla, etc. However, if one of the extracts is not available, you can replace it with something from the same family of tastes. E.g., you can substitute lemon with pineapple to get a tangy flavor. I hope you found the information we presented useful. Also, do check the other informative articles on our website.

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