5 Cooking Solutions for Busy Parents

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By now, you’ve discovered how being too busy can cause severe problems. You’re tired all the time. You don’t enjoy doing the things you used to do, or you struggle to carve out quality time with your partner and family. One area that busyness can also impact is your diet and nutrition, especially if you’re a busy parent. You want to ensure you prepare delicious meals for your kids (and yourself), but you struggle to do so when there’s no time. So what if you could find a solution? 

Pick Easy Recipes

You don’t need to become a Michelin-star quality chef to create something delicious for your kids. Easy recipes are often the way forward, and you can find many varieties to keep things fresh instead of feeling like you eat the same thing every day. You can try this teriyaki salmon recipe or explore other options that your kids (and partner) will love, and it isn’t as intense as standing over a hot stove for hours after getting back from work later than planned. 

Invest In Convenient Kitchen Equipment

Sometimes, it’s about what you use rather than what you’re making. You can find some of the most convenient kitchen equipment and techniques that will cut the cooking time in half so you don’t need to worry about burning the meals or leaving the sauce too long. Air fryers, slow cookers, and high-quality pans are all excellent additions to your kitchen and they can transform the way you cook so you aren’t so stressed every evening. 

Meal Prep 

Another solution is meal prep. However, this can be a time-consuming exercise if you’re the only one doing it. Still, if you have a free day over the weekend, you can save time in the week by making a large batch of something, such as curries or chilis, separating them into containers, and freezing them. When you’re ready to eat them, simply take them out to thaw or put them in the microwave so they’re ready to eat. 

One Sheet Dishes 

Even if the food is easy to prepare, washing up is a whole other issue, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher and hate leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. To solve this, try one-sheet dishes. Here, you can put everything you need, from meat to vegetables and sides, onto the same baking tray and cook them through until they are ready to serve. Once it’s finished, you only have things to wash up. 

Teach Your Kids to Cook 

If your kids are old enough, why not teach them to cook with you? Not only does this take the pressure off you, but it also encourages self-sufficiency and prepares them for when they move out later in life. They can learn to cook their favorite meals and explore new recipes, and they might love it so much that they will take on the responsibility for a few nights each week. 


It can be tricky to tick all the boxes as a parent but you must try. When it comes to feeding your family and ensuring they eat nutritious and delicious meals, these tips could help you make things more manageable.

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